Missed this when it was first came out, but it’s still worth sharing: In August, Love and Rockets’ Daniel Ash sat down with celebrated street artist Shepherd Fairey — creator of the Barack Obama “Hope” and “Obey Giant” images — to chat about his music, his future and the New Tales to Tell: A Tribute to Love and Rockets compilation CD (for which Fairey created the cover art, using the iconic Love and Rockets logo).

Filmed, apparently, in an Urban Outfitters store, the clip is 15 minutes long, and, if for nothing else, worth watching to catch a fleeting reflection, in the glass behind Ash and Fairey, of someone inexplicably dressed as one of the Bubblemen.

Here’s more on the New Tales to Tell Love and Rockets tribute album, plus Slicing Up Eyeballs’ own lengthy interview with Ash.



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