The Cure, circa late '80s

We know there’s been enormous interest in the forthcoming 3CD reissue of The Cure’s 1989 classic Disintegration — our report on the set’s tracklist remains this site’s most-viewed post ever — and now we can tell you when it’ll arrive: Feb. 16, according to the ever-vigilant Chain of Flowers fan site.

Like previous Cure reissues, the set will feature a remastered edition of the album on one disc, plus a second disc with 20 of Robert Smith’s home and studio demos recorded in 1988 and 1989, including album cuts and b-sides, plus previously unreleased tracks “Noheart,” “Esten” and “Delirious Night”

The third disc, labled Entreat Plus, features an expanded, 12-track edition of that 1990 live album, fleshed out to include live versions of each song off Disintegration, assembled in order, from a concert at London’s Wembley Arena in 1989.

See full details and tracklist for the Disintegration reissue here.

UPDATE 12/18/09: Pre-order the ‘Disintegration: 20th Anniversary Edition’ on Amazon.



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