The Wedding Present

David Gedge is planning to take The Wedding Present out on tour across North America, Japan and Europe next year to celebrate the 21st anniversary of 1989’s Bizarro, the band’s second full-length album and major-label debut.

Although full dates haven’t yet been announced, the aptly named Bizarro 21st Anniversary Tour — which will feature the Wedding Present playing that album in its entirety, much like the band’s 2007 George Best 20th Anniversary Tour — hits North America from April 1 to 25, continental Europe from Oct. 11 to Nov. 13 and the U.K. and Ireland from Nov. 16 to Dec. 7.

Between those North American and European runs, Gedge already has announced dates in Japan, Croatia and Germany. Gedge also will host his second-annual At the Edge of the Sea festival in Brighton, England, on Aug. 28. Bands haven’t yet been announced, but the Wedding Present will perform Bizarro at the fest. This year’s debut featured performances by The Pipettes, Terry de Castro and Gedge performing both with The Wedding Present and Cinerama.

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The Wedding Present: Bizarro 21st Anniversary Tour

April 1-25: North America
April 30: Theatre &TD, Zagreb, Croatia
May 7: O West, Tokyo, Japan
Aug. 22-23: BootBooHook Ffestival, Hannover, Germany
Aug. 28: At the Edge of the Sea Festival, Brighton, UK
Oct. 11-Nov. 13: Continental Europe
Nov. 16-Dec. 7: U.K. and Ireland



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