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R.E.M., 'Fables of the Reconstruction: 25th Anniversary Edition'ARTIST: R.E.M.
RELEASE: Fables of the Reconstruction: 25th Anniversary
BACKSTORY: The college-rock legends this week reissue their third album in a 2CD edition that includes a second disc featuring demos of every track on the album, plus the B-side “Bandwagon”; “Hyena,” later recorded for Lifes Rich Pageant; and “Throw Those Trolls Away,” a song the band has never released in any form (see full tracklist here).
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Concrete Blonde, 'Bloodletting: 20th Anniversary Edition'ARTIST: Concrete Blonde
RELEASE: Bloodletting: 20th Anniversary Edition
BACKSTORY: Johnette Napolitano and Co. reissue their classic 1990 album in expanded form this week, filling out the 10-song disc with five bonus B-sides — including a live version of album fave “Tomorrow, Wendy” — plus the previously unreleased French version of “Bloodletting (The Vampire Song)” (see full tracklist here).
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The Teardrop Explodes, 'Kilimanjaro: Deluxe Edition'ARTIST: The Teardrop Explodes
RELEASE: Kilimanjaro: Deluxe Edition
BACKSTORY: This week’s newly expanded edition of the 1980 debut from Julian Cope and Co. restores the album’s original 11-track running order on the first disc and features a second CD with 14 contemporaneous singles and B-sides, as well as a third disc with 11 tracks recorded at the BBC in 1979 and 1980 (see full tracklist here).
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Releases from Thrill Kill Kult, Crowded House and That Petrol Emotion after the jump…

My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult, 'Sinister Whisperz'ARTIST: My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult
RELEASE: Sinister Whisperz — Volume One: The ‘Wax Trax’ years (1987-1991)
BACKSTORY: The industrial act this week releases a new compilation featuring a dozen tracks spanning the four albums the group recorded for the Chicago-based label, plus an outtake called “Satana Rising.” The collection is available in one- or two-disc sets (see full tracklist here).
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Crowded House, 'Intriguer'ARTIST: Crowded House
RELEASE: Intriguer
BACKSTORY: The Crowdies’ second post-reunion album came out a month ago in the rest of the world, but it’s just arriving here in the U.S. this week to coincide with the band’s North American tour. The 10-track disc comes in a limited-edition set with a bonus DVD featuring most of the new album’s songs performed live.
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That Petrol Emotion, 'Babble'ARTIST: That Petrol Emotion
BACKSTORY: The second album from the Irish alt-rock act — featuring members of The Undertones — receives an expanded reissue in the U.K. this week, with the original 1987 album supplemented by six singles and B-sides, including a 7-inch edit and live version of “Swamp,” a remix of “Big Decision” and a track called “Dance Your Ass Off.”
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