It’s Trent Reznor’s birthday today — he’s turning 46 — and to mark the occasion, we’ll turn the clock back all the way to the very earliest days of Nine Inch Nails with this 11-song performance during the band’s December 1989 tour in support of the then just-released Pretty Hate Machine.

YouTube user ac1dfr3ak1zback doesn’t give a date on this grainy, VHS-ripped performance, but it likely is the widely bootlegged Dec. 9, 1989, show in Newark, N.J. You can watch the whole concert — which is obviously heavy on Pretty Hate Machine material, plus it includes NIN’s cover of Queen’s “Get Down Make Love” — in the playlist embedded above, or check out the individual chapters at Slicing Up Video.

See Nine Inch Nails’ 12/9/89 setlist after the jump…

Setlist: Nine Inch Nails, Pipeline, Newark, NJ 12/9/89

1. “Terrible Lie”
2. “Sin”
3. “Something I Can Never Have”
4. “Sanctified”
5. “That’s What I Get”
6. “The Only Time”
7. “Kinda I Want To”
8. “Get Down Make Love”
9. “Ringfinger”
10. “Down In It”
11. “Head Like a Hole”


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