Inspiral Carpets reunite with original singer Stephen Holt for new ‘garage’ album, tour

Saying they’re “rediscovering their garage band roots,” Madchester veterans Inspiral Carpets today announced they are reuniting with their original, ’80s-era lead singer Stephen Holt and plan to record their first new material in 15 years and embark on a world tour that’s likely to open in South America this November.

The simple announcement on the band’s website, under the banner “Inspiral Carpets garage band,” reads: “2011 sees Inspiral Carpets re-group with their original singer Stephen Holt taking over lead vocal duties. Rediscovering their garage band roots, Inspirals will be recording their first material in 15 years coupled with worldwide live concerts.”

On Twitter today, organist Clint Boon reported that singer Tom Hingley — who joined the Inspirals in 1989 when co-founder Holt let the group — “stepped out of the band earlier this year.” The Manchester group, which formed in 1983, scored its best-known hit in 1990 with “This is How it Feels” and split in 1995, had reunited in 2003, after which it released a single recorded in 1995, put out a box set and mounted a few tours, most recently in 2008.

Boon wrote: “We wish Tom all the best in his solo career. We had a nice meeting with him yesterday, shook hands and went our seperate ways.” He added that the band “will be heading into the studio in the next few weeks to write and record new material,” and that the “first gigs likely will be in South America in November.”

As Boon advises, watch for details.




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  • mike s

    YES!!!!! i really, really hope this works out well!

  • Ouch! Tom Hingley has the most amazing voice. I’m very concerned about that one. But if it means I can finally attend an Inspirals gig in Canada…



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