New releases: This Mortal Coil box set, plus Wayne Hussey, Brian Eno, Chris Connelly

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ARTIST : This Mortal Coil
RELEASE: This Mortal Coil
BACKSTORY: New HD versions of the 4AD collective’s three albums — It’ll End in Tears (1984), Filigree & Shadow (1986) and Blood (1991) — are collected in a box set this week with a fourth CD, Dust & Guitars, which compiles the band’s three singles and EPs, plus two unreleased tracks (see full tracklist here).
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ARTIST : Hussey-Regan
BACKSTORY: The Mission frontman Wayne Hussey this week releases an album with All About Eve lead singer Julianne Regan featuring “strange and interesting interpretations of already loved songs alongside new songs” — including covers of Depeche ModeDuran Duran and David Bowie (see full tracklist here).  


ARTIST : Brian Eno
RELEASE: Panic of Looking
BACKSTORY: The famed producer and master of ambient electronic music this week releases a new EP culled from the same sessions as this year’s Drums Between the Bells, a collaboration with poet Rick Holland. The EP is produced by Eno himself and features his artwork on both CD and vinyl formats.
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ARTIST : Chris Connelly
RELEASE: Artificial Madness
BACKSTORY: The former Ministry and Revolting Cocks member returns this week with “a meticulously crafted album of deeply expressive pop-tinged rock.” The 11-track collection features songs such as “Cold Blood in Present Company,” “Classically Wounded,” “The Modern Swine,” “A Career in Falsehood” and “The Paraffin Hearts.”





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  • Michael Toland

    Really looking forward to the Connelly record. He’s done some brilliant stuff in the last few years – indeed, basically since he put industrial music on the backburner and started indulging his love for Bowie and Scott Walker.



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