Video: The Cure, ‘A Forest,’ ‘Close To Me,’ ‘Just Like Heaven’ — from ‘Bestival Live 2011’

Sunday Best Recordings, the label that put out The Cure’s just-released Bestival Live 2011 double-disc live album in the U.K., has posted a pair of broadcast-quality clips of Robert Smith and Co.’s performance at the U.K. festival last September to promote the new release (via Fucking Nostalgic). Check out both “A Forest” and “Just Like Heaven” above, and see more video and the full setlist from the headline set here.

UPDATE 12/13/11: A clip of “Close to Me” surfaced today.






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  • Danny

    480p and in the wrong aspect ratio? Perfect!

  • Craig

    I’m sorry, but am I the only one that thinks Robert Smith looks more and more like that transvestite head they find in a jar in Silence of the Lambs? He really needs an updated look. Let go, Robert. Let go.

  • I’m with you, Craig…

  • Scott Mittleman

    Great performances! Makes me wish I saw the Cure last month at the Pantages Theater in L.A.

  • yeah, i’ve been a huge cure fan for ages. saw them 3 times starting with the kiss me tour. but robert looks like a melting candle these days. i agree with craig. let go of the 80’s robert. even simon (who looks great) has moved on.

  • James

    Yes, he is starting to look more like Liz Taylor when she was old.

  • Long time Cure fan here, but with Robert Smith at over 50 years old (and paunchier than ever in recent years) I feel embarrassed for him still rocking the 1980’s goth hair & make-up. Take a cue from Bowie and drop all the gimmicks and disguises in your later years…

  • John B

    I’ve been saying for a few years now that Robert needs to get rid of the lipstick / eyeliner combo and do something with that mop of his . Shedding a few pounds wouldn’t hurt either . : )



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