Playlist: Slicing Up Eyeballs on Strangeways Radio; Episode 65, first aired 3/27/12

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Intro: Love and Rockets, “Motorcycle”

Killing Joke, “In Cythera”
The Mission, “Beyond the Pale”
The Cult, “For the Animals”

The Cure, “Why Can’t I Be You?”
Soulsavers f/ Dave Gahan, “Longest Day”
Wall of Voodoo, “Ring of Fire”
Nancy Sinatra f/ Morrissey, “Let Me Kiss You”
Oingo Boingo, “Grey Matter”

Mission of Burma, “Dust Devil”
XTC, “The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead”
Rank and File, “Amanda Ruth”
Frank Black and the Catholics, “Monkey Gone to Heaven” (Live)
Sugar, “Helpless”

Love and Rockets, “An American Dream”





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