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Video: Watch They Might Be Giants’ 22-minute in-store set at Amoeba Music

Last November, They Might Be Giants stopped by Hollywood San Francisco behemoth Amoeba Music to celebrate the release of their second album of 2011, the compilation Album Raises New and Troubling Questions. The group jammed out an 8-song, 22-minute set that the record store recently posted on its website. Check it out above.


Setlist: They Might Be Giants, Amoeba Music, Hollywood, CA, 11/13/11

1. “How Can I Sing Like a Girl”
2. “The Alphabet of Nations”
3. “Can’t Keep Johnny Down”
4. “Old Pine Box”
5. “Istanbul Not Constantinople”
6. “Judy Was Your Viet Nam”
7. “Marty Beller Mask”
8. “The Pencil Rain”







  1. That’s the San Francisco Amoeba.

  2. First time i heard this i was living in the mountains of Santa Cruz, California hanging out at Street Light Records on Pacific Avenue. First song… Particle Man… simple awesome. That was in 1999.

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