Vintage Video: New Order enlists David Hasselhoff for ‘Baywatch’-themed ‘Regret’ clip

The U.K. arm of Rhino Records this week uploaded a series of classic New Order videos to the label’s YouTube channel, giving us the perfect excuse to dedicate this installment of Vintage Video to one of our favorite clips: the band’s 1993 “Baywatch”-themed performance of “Regret,” filmed for “Top of the Pops.”

Legend has it New Order wanted to have David Hasselhoff lip-synch along to the song, but the show’s producers nixed that. Instead, you get Bernard SumnerStephen MorrisGillian Gilbert and a very shaggy Peter Hook miming away on the sand, surrounded by beach-going extras. Hasselhoff does stop by for a cameo, too, although it’s pretty tame.







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  • Timeless classic!

    Vintage New Order ;-)

  • the last great New Order song…block out video from memory

  • that video (which i’ve never seen for some reason) is NOT how that song (which i love) makes me feel. NOW i have that feeling like i just saw my mom naked by accident. couldn’t watch more than 10 seconds. i’m going to pretend this never happened.

  • The last great new order song was crystal…

  • Mike C.

    The last great NO song was Someone Like You

  • Chutney Ferret

    What’s the name of the beach amd where abouts is it ?



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