Playlist: Slicing Up Eyeballs on Strangeways Radio; Episode 94, first aired 10/30/12

Exploring the legacy of ’80s college rock, Slicing Up Eyeballs airs every Tuesday at 10 p.m. Eastern/7 p.m. Pacific on Strangeways Radio. If you caught tonight’s episode, pop over to the Strangeways message board to leave comments or requests for future shows. And if you missed tonight’s episode, it’ll rebroadcast at 2 p.m. Eastern/11 a.m. Pacific on Friday at



Intro: Love and Rockets, “Motorcycle”

Alien Sex Fiend, “Now I’m Feeling Zombified” (Edit)
The Sisters of Mercy, “Detonation Boulevard”
The Danse Society, “Somewhere”
Joy Division, “Passover”

Bauhaus, “Stigmata Martyr” (Live 1981)
1919, “Tear Down These Walls”
Coil, “Tainted Love”
Clan of Xymox, “Muscoviet Mosquito”

Asylum Party, “Pictures”
The Cure, “The Drowning Man”
Ministry, “Halloween Remix”

Killing Joke, “Let’s All Go (To The Fire Dances)”




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