Video: ‘The Artist’s Story: Midnight Oil’ — watch full Australian TV documentary

Earlier this month, Australia’s MAX TV network aired an hour-long documentary on Midnight Oil as part of its “The Artist’s Story” series, and now, thanks to the folks at the Midnight Oil Fan Page on Facebook, those of us who aren’t Down Under can watch this excellent career overview. The film — timed to coincide with the release of the band’s new 2CD best-of Essential Oils — features new interviews with all five Oils, plus a host of other contemporary sources and excellent video footage from across the band’s history.






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  • My Name

    I love this band’s music, but the politics were too obscure and heavy for me.

    Lighten up, Francis.

  • Jonnie Hanna

    Wow guys, thanks so much for making this available to me. I am from Northern Ireland and I am the biggest Oils fan in the northern hemisphere. I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed watching a video so much, thanks so much again..

    • I disagree, I am THE biggest Midnight Oil fan in existence, and I am currently living in the Northern Hemisphere.

  • roscoe

    Thanks. An exhibition titled ‘the Making of Midnight Oil’ opens in Sydney in June 2014, and will be in other australian capital cities the following year. The show will include band instruments, gig posters, original lyric sheets, unseen archival footage, stage props and costumes, album artwork, and a dock on the making of 10..1, and more!



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