Contest: Win tickets to see Concrete Blonde at New York’s Irving Plaza on Dec. 13

Hey, New Yorkers (or those of who you will be in the vicinity of the Big Apple late next week): The good folks at Live Nation have hooked us up with five pairs of tickets to see Concrete Blonde at Irving Plaza on Dec. 13, and we’re going to give them away to five lucky Slicing Up Eyeballs readers next week.

The concert — tickets also are available here, by the way, if you’d rather just lock ’em down now — is the second stop on a nine-date U.S. tour this month by the band, featuring longtime core of singer/bassist Johnette Napolitano and guitarist James Mankey.

TO ENTER: Simply drop a comment below naming your favorite Concrete Blonde song, and give us a few words on why you think it’s such a great track.

RULES: This contest is open to everybody, and we’ll take entries until 12 p.m. EST Wednesday, Dec. 12. After that point, we’ll select five winners at random and contact them via e-mail — so please remember to use legit addresses when you enter. Winners will be placed on the guest list and will need valid ID to claim tickets. One entry per person, please.




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  • “Someday”. It feels like the inside of a dream and smells like Chinese food, 19, record stores, and my last cigarette.

  • Tomorrow, Wendy kills me very time!

    I told the priest, Don’t count on any second coming
    God got his ass kicked the first time he came down here slumming
    He had the balls to come, the gall to die and then forgive us
    No, I don’t wonder why, I wonder what he thought it would get us.

    Those lyrics meant a lot to me as a impressionable teenager, and they still do!

  • “God Is A Bullet” I grew up listening to 80’s hard rock/metal but when I saw this video I had to run out & get the cassette. I was hooked on the Blonde from that point on and it opened my eyes and ears to some great music.

  • God is a bullet….

  • Alex P.

    My favorite CB song has to be Walking In London! And Johnette is hands down the best female voice in music today..PERIOD!!

  • “Bloodletting (The Vampire Song)” is so mysterious, ethereal, and has a driving darkness that charges through my soul every time.

  • Gabriel Kinder

    Definitely TOmorrow Wendy

  • Bridget

    It’s a toss up between Someday and Long Time Ago. Both those songs bring me back to my college days and bring back some really goo memories.

  • Saeed

    My favorite Concrete Blonde song is Caroline. Have been hooked on them ever since Bloodletting came out. Please get me tickets to the NY show, I am going to their show in Philadelphia the next day.

  • The bass line intro for Days and Days kills me every time.

  • Cliff

    Happy Birthday – the song that grabbed me and pulled me into the world of CB. Melodic, rough and full of harmony.

  • ebbhead

    Someday. Yearning and haunting vocals do it for me.

  • April


  • john browne

    joey because i can relate

  • Neal Damiano

    Still in Hollywood……..this is such an energetic song really paints a picture of what the music scene was like in the early 80s in LA. Just listen to the lyrics and it will take you straight there. It also showed their punk side!!

  • Mikey

    Everybody Knows from the Pump Up The Volume soundtrack is killer. Ms. Napolitano’s voice has never sounded better.

  • Mikos

    God is a bullet and Tomorrow Wendy. God is a bullet was the first cb song that caught my attention and Tomorrow Wendy made me a fan for life

  • God is a Bullet…When I first heard that song (and it was my first into to Concrete Blonde) I was hooked and became obsessed. I didn’t have a particular “reason” in the 90’s for liking the tune just simply the Voice, the Beat and the melody made me happy. When revisited this past January after a loss (to a gunshot) the song took on a whole new mantra of Symbolism and I will count this tune as one of my TOP 5 forever on!!

  • Frankie

    “Little Conversations”. Completely relateable and perfectly emotional.

  • Very difficult to choose, but I gotta go with “I Don’t Need a Hero” from Bloodletting. There’s that moment when she sings “.. and I haven’t seen it rain the city in so long…” I don’t even know why that fits into that song, but it just kinda makes sense. I think that was what was so cool about the band (and especially her vocal delivery). She had a lot of kickass power but she could just turn it off into the most spine-tingling soft whisper in a second, and your stomach would just drop.

  • God is a Bullet…..need I say more??

  • I love so many of their songs. “Lullabye” just came to mind.

  • Erica

    “Heal It Up”… cuz nothing feels more powerful than belting that chorus along with Johnette.

  • Randy Green

    Everybody Knows – the song that got me into Concrete Blonde. Johnette’s voice and Jim Mankey’s great clean guitar….still sounds as great now as it did 22 years ago.
    Darkening of the Light is a close 2nd.

  • Contest is now closed and winners have been drawn and notified. Thank you all for entering and sharing your thoughts…

  • denise

    I think i missed the deadline, but if NOT…and there is a goddess,
    then..CAROLINE is a great song..

  • I won!! I am so Grateful.



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