Contest: Win all 5 of New Order’s classic ’80s albums on vinyl from Rhino Records

To celebrate next week’s release of New Order’s Lost Sirens mini-album — which will be issued digitally here in the U.S. beginning Tuesday — the good folks at Rhino Records have gone analog, hooking us up with a set of all five of the band’s classic ’80s albums on vinyl to give away to one lucky Slicing Up Eyeballs reader.

The winner, who must reside in the U.S. (sorry, that’s Rhino’s rule), will get vinyl copies of:

As for Lost Sirens (which you can now stream in its entirety), the eight-track set of material left over from the Waiting for the Sirens’ Call sessions in 2005 — and likely the last “new” New Order release to feature departed bassist Peter Hook — will be released digitally in the U.S. and as both standalone CD and CD/vinyl combo editions in the U.K.

TO ENTER: Simply drop a comment at the bottom of this post naming your favorite absolute New Order album, and give us a few words on why you think it’s such a great record.

RULES: This contest is open to U.S. residents only and we’ll take entries until 12 p.m. EST Friday, Jan. 18. After that point, we’ll select one winner at random and contact him or her via e-mail — so please remember to use legit addresses when you enter. And if the winner doesn’t respond after one full week, we’ll select a new one. One entry per person, please.


UPDATE 1/18/13: The contest is now closed, and the winner will be contacted via e-mail. Thank you everybody for entering, and sharing your thoughts and memories about New Order.






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  • Power, Corruption & Lies – just a solid album from end to end

  • Rick Marino

    Brotherhood. 3 words-All Day Long.

  • Julie Busha

    Low Life. I have lots of great memories associated with it, plain and simple.

  • Even though it’s a compilation album, I would say my favorite record by them is “Substance”.

  • Lowlife, it pretty much defined my youth, very cool dancy tracks. and it has the best version of The Perfect Kiss. One of the all time best albums of the 80s.

  • Michael

    PC&L….shaped my teenage years. Timeless stuff on that record.

  • Peter Hilton

    Low life. It just brings me back to so many times in my life.

  • Thom O"Barsky

    Brotherhood. They hit thier stride on all fronts. Such a clean sounding album.

  • Edwin

    Low Life – really has the band at its peak of its power. Never tire of listening to it.

  • l.solanki

    Technique by New order, It is a classic from start to finish, Amazing melodies and synths, summer in Ibiza. New Order, what a great band, what a great life.

  • Joe Brown

    Brotherhood is my absolute fave! New Order’s most cohesive album from start to finish. It creates its on atmosphere.

  • Melissa Morris

    Brotherhood. Fanfukintastic.

  • Stein

    N.O. over all favorite & most played by ME = TECHNIGUE perfect flow from start to end along with some of their best b-sides & mixes!

  • Pedro Cao

    Lowlife, “The Perfect Kiss” and “Vigilante” are two of my Favorite N.O tracks ever

  • Stacy

    Brotherhood was the first New Order album I owned, so I have a soft spot for that one.

  • Nathan Mattimoe

    Lowlife. Love Vigilantes gets me every time.

  • Jeffrey Chapman

    Power, Corruption & Lies – a perfect masterpiece that contains the absolute gem that is “Age Of Consent”. Utter brilliance.

  • mark sanders

    Too hard to choose(like picking which kid you love the best) alas- Power, Corruption & Lies

  • Robert

    Brotherhood — because all through college I never made a mixtape for a girl that didn’t have “Bizarre Love Triangle” on it.

  • DaveMadden

    Movement, because it captures the squiggly postmortem after Joy Division that isn’t quite the band finding their new voice, not yet able to let go of the past few years with Ian.

  • I love all of these records, so I’m going with Power, Corruption & Lies for the amazing cover image.

  • Maria Vianna

    Low-Life is my favorite New Order album. Reminds me of my college days. Great dance tracks.

  • ed Roberts


  • Keith Malloy

    Power, Corruption & Lies, because of Blue Monday making me want to dance.

  • Cheryl

    Low-life. I was given a cassette copy of this by a friend’s very cool older sister, and it just changed everything I thought I knew about music.

  • Troy Bogdan

    “Power, Corruption & Lies”
    It is my favorite New Order album, because it contains my favorite New Order song, “586!”

  • Erick

    Lowlife: Because of Elegia and Perfect Kiss, what else do I need?

  • Nat Ladd

    Low Life – Love Vigilantes was always in constant rotation.

  • Brotherhood. The tape was in my walkman (remember those?) for most of ’86 and ’87. Brilliant album from start to finish.

  • Chris polly

    Has to be brotherhood. Used that album as one of my staples to get through high school.

  • Chris

    Movement – If any other group but it out, it would be their masterpiece. It bridges the past and the future of the band. Plus, the cover is amazing!

  • Brinda Wood

    I think Brotherhood would be my favourite because I listened to it everyday and night and it became the soundtrack to my teen years……right music, right feelings, right time.

  • Low-Life. It’s the soundtrack to one summer.

  • Sean Hall

    Lowlife, although Power, Corruption and Lies, is a close second. Love Vigilantes…

  • Stephen

    Power, Corruption & Lies – because its very nice when Bernard says “piss off” on Your Silent Face.

  • Jim Brady

    Low-Life is the sound of New Order firing on all cylinders.

  • Barry

    Lowlife brings back some awesome memories!

  • Ellen

    Power, Corruption & Lies. Age of Consent, Blue Monday, great album.

  • Low-Life. My first New Order album holds a special place in my journey into the electronic music genre.

  • Emily

    Power, Corruption & Lies. It was the album that truly made me fall in love with New Order and post-punk in general.

  • I first fell in love with New Order in 1987 when Substance was released and “True Faith” was getting so much airplay. And though I still love that collection, the one record I still go back to over and over again is “Movement”. It might be their only record that shows no age; a true timeless classic.

  • Kevin

    Brotherhood. This is when I got into New Order.

  • Roger

    Movement: The album title and the music set the stage for the transition of what was into what will be.

  • Carla

    Power Corruption and Lies. It is ageless, sounds as hood now as it did when I heard it for the first time.

  • “Power, Corruption, and Lies” by far the best. No first Album ( Post Ian) jitters. Much more open and explorative, gotta love the underlying political lines.

  • Keith

    Low-Life…. it was my intro to New Order. Brings back great memories of “back in the day” and still sounds timeless today.

  • Jim T.

    Substance. Just a great collection of songs and representation of NEW ORDER !

  • Low-Life! The most varied album and solid start to finish – just think how different Love Vigilantes, Perfect Kiss, Elegia, all sound! Can’t forget the angst of Sunrise or Sub-culture either. First album I got after hearing Substance, I still play it constantly (the CD is pretty much permanently in my car) All 5 albums on vinyl would be a heck of a birthday present too as today’s my birthday. :) I have lots of New Order on vinyl but it’s mostly the singles.

  • Robert

    Low-life was side A on a cassette given to me by a friend in 1985 or so to introduce me to some new music. (The Cure’s The Head On The Door was the flip). It may not have been my absolute musical ground zero, but everything changed nonetheless…

  • Rob B.

    Power, corruption and lies.
    I’ve introduced my five-year-old daughter to New Order by way of Blue Monday.

  • Power, Corruption & Lies. Still one of my Top Ten Desert Island Albums.

  • jackson

    Power, Corruption & Lies, Blue Monday! New Order found its sound on this one!

  • Low life.
    I hear spring summer fall and winter.

  • i’d have to say power, corruption and lies… i realize just how great it is every time i hear someone else cover a song from it (joe pernice, velocity girl, destroyer, and masters of the hemisphere come to mind immediately).

  • Technique….lots of awesome 7th grade memories!!!!

  • Ashley

    Technique! They’re all so good but that one really gets my full attention when it’s on.

  • Power, Corruption & Lies. ‘Your Silent Face’ gives word and rhythm to emotions ineffable.

  • Low-life, since it was the first one I owned.

  • Craig

    Power, Corruption and Lies.. because from there I worked backwards and found Joy Division

  • ‘Power Corruption & Lies’ (1983) The epitome of early 80’s nightclubbing!

  • Rachel

    Substance-The perfect combination of songs for whatever mood you are in.

  • Brotherhood for sure. The title of this album is exactly what was made for me in high school. With Paradise, Weirdo, and Bizarre Love Triangle .. these songs are what I play to remind me of the days when times with friends was awesome.

  • Stephen Gersztoff

    Brotherhood is New Order’s most consistent and confident record.

  • It’s a tough call, but I’m going to say Movement. It echoes their time in Joy Division with the band finding its voice in the emotional ride that followed. It’s an interesting transitional record that demonstrates the group’s desire to push onward while finding inspiration from the past. It is definitely one of my favorite records from the 80’s.

  • Scott Price

    Power, Corruption & Lies, though i love them all!

  • Chris Guevara

    Low-Life. Every track was performed live and forged in front of their fans lucky enough ti see them play from the winter of 1983 (Sooner Than You Think ) to January 1985. Bernard’s vocals really came to life. Musically they were on top of their game.

  • Low-Life. Great album from start to finish. Love Vigilantes and This Time of Night are two very underrated New Order songs, and I’ve always been fascinated with the sampling/effects used in The Perfect Kiss. I can honestly say it’s my favorite song that samples ribbiting frogs. I would have loved to been in the room when someone suggested it during the recording — “hey this song is good, but you know what would make it even better? Frogs.” Genius.

  • Sasha V

    Low-Life: It has everything on it, that made them great!

  • Low-Life – because it has Face Up!!

  • Power, Corruption and Lies. Age of Consent. What more can one say?

  • Frank

    Low Life although I expect to be the only one… Their poppiest effort!

  • Substance – it covers the best of all their styles. You can eat then evolve from Joy Division to New Order right before your ears…

    It’s a perfect auditory snapshot of one of the greatest bands in history.

  • I like all of them for different reasons but I probably have the most memories of listening to Brotherhood while I’d deliver newspapers. Everything seemed perfect in the world as I listened to it on my early cassette WalkMan.

  • David O

    Brotherhood. That’s when it all came together!!

  • Daniel Matthews

    Low Life. It’s the first New Order album i bought, & my future wife loved Perfect Kiss.

  • John Capati

    Technique – great vibe and cover art.

  • Tim Smith

    Brotherhood! some how they got even better after lowlife…

  • Brotherhood. It’s got the most guitars, and really, having to pick just one is ludicrous, but today I like guitars, and so today my pick is Brotherhood!

  • Mathew