Peter Murphy circa 2011 / Photo by Thomas Bak

Released from jail on his own recognizance, Peter Murphy pleaded not guilty Tuesday to misdemeanor DUI and drug charges stemming from an alleged Los Angeles-area hit-and-run over the weekend — and his attorney indicated the singer still plans to embark on an extensive tour next month celebrating the 35th anniversary of his former band Bauhaus.

According to the Glendale News-Press, Murphy did not appear in court Tuesday but, rather, entered his plea through an attorney. He pleaded not guilty to three misdemeanor counts of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, hit-and-run driving and possessing methamphetamine.

Although he’d initially been booked on $500,000 bond, the judge released Murphy on his own recognizance despite prosecutors’ concerns he could be a flight risk. The judge also prohibited Murphy from driving “anywhere” under “any condition,” according to the newspaper.

Robert Wilson, Murphy’s attorney, told the News-Press he wouldn’t discuss the criminal case, but said Murphy still plans to go on tour: “We are going to take care of business,” Wilson told the newspaper.

Wednesday, two statements regarding the case were posted to Murphy’s Facebook page, noting the prosecutors had lowered planned felony charges to misdemeanors and saying Murphy “wishes to thank everyone for their support and can’t wait to start touring” (see statements below). The second statement reported that Murphy’s blood alcohol content was “was measured at 0.01, way under the 0.08 which is legal. This is the lowest amount of alcohol that is able to register on a breathalyser.”

Murphy — who lives in Turkey — is set to embark on a lengthy tour celebrating the 35th anniversary of goth-rock legends Bauhaus, performing concerts solely comprised of material by his former band. That trek opens April 22 in San Antonio, Texas, and runs through late July, covering North America and Europe.

The singer was arrested Saturday. Police say he was driving a Subaru Forester when he rear-ended a Mercedes around 11:48 a.m. in an intersection in Glendale, Calif., then fled the scene — but was followed to Los Angeles by an eyewitness who told police “he was afraid (Murphy) would kill someone with his driving.” The witness blocked Murphy’s vehicle until police came and took him into custody.

Police noted that Murphy appeared “very confused” and was unsure of the day and time, according to the newspaper. He denied drinking alcohol, but said he had taken prescription mediation for depression.

According to the paper, police reported finding a small bag of methamphetamine inside the patrol car in which Murphy had been detained, and believe the singer had been trying to discard it.

Murphy denied the drugs were his.


Statement from Peter Murphy:

Dear All

Peter will be performing all tour dates as planned after being released from custody last night.

All charges that were originally filled as felonies were lowered to misdemeanours and Peter was released with with no bail or restrictions.

Even on the lower charges Peter has pleased not guilty.

He wishes to thank everyone for their support and can’t wait to start touring

A note from Peters Lawyer

Peter Murphy was arrested by the Glendale Police Department on March 16th and was originally charged with Driving Under the Influence Causing Injury as a felony. In addition, Mr. Murphy was charged with Hit & Run and Drug Possession as misdemeanours.

The Glendale Police Department sought a bail deviation and bail was set at $500,000.00. However, the District Attorney’s Office filed a complaint in Glendale Superior Court charging Mr Murphy with misdemeanor DUI, Hit & Run and Drug Possession.

Mr. Murphy’s lawyers from Hutton & Wilson entered a plea of not guilty to all charges and Mr. Murphy was released on his own recognizance.


Second statement:

Just to clarify something after a couple of comments below and please read carefully.

The amount of Alcohol in Peters Bloodstream was measured at 0.01 way under the 0.08 which is legal. This is the lowest amount of alcohol that is able to register on a breathalyser.

We cannot say anything more right now as after pleading NOT guilty to all charges Peter now must say no more until this matter is resolved.






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