Pixies, 'Surfer Rosa'

Today marks the 25th anniversary of the release of the Pixies’ landmark Surfer Rosa, which, if we’re to count Come On Pilgrim as an EP or “mini-LP,” was the band’s true debut album, featuring the instant classics “Bone Machine,” “Gigantic” and “Where Is My Mind?”

We’d hoped to scrounge up a full live set from 1988 to mark the occasion properly, but, seeing as how the pickings are slim on YouTube from that year, we’re happy to settle instead for this full video of the band’s 1989 appearance at the legendary Glastonbury festival in the U.K., an hour-long, 22-song set that came a few months after the release of the band’s follow-up to Surfer Rosa, a little record called Doolittle.

Check it out below via uploader Richard James:



Setlist: Pixies, Glastonbury Festival, UK, 6/16/89

1. “Bone Machine”
2. “Cactus”
3. “Caribou”
4. “Crackity Jones”
5. “Dead”
6. “Debaser”
7. “Gigantic”
8. “Gouge Away”
9. “Hey”
10. “I Bleed”
11. “Isla De Encanta”
12. “Levitate Me”
13. “Mr. Grieves”
14. “Monkey Gone To Heaven”
15. “Nimrod’s Son”
16. “No.13 Baby”
17. “River Euphrates”
18. “Tame”
19. “There Goes My Gun”
20. “Vamos”
21. “Wave Of Mutilation”
22. “Where Is My Mind”




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