Morrissey '25 Live'

UPDATE 6/22/13: Morrissey today formally announced that his concert film “Morrissey 25: Live,” filmed at Hollywood High last March, will receive a “worldwide cinema release” in August to mark his 25th year as a solo artist. The film also will be released on DVD — Moz’s first such release in nine years. Again, nothing has officially been said about an IMAX or 3D release.

UPDATE 6/21/13: Distribution company SpectiCast has announced it is partnering with Eagle Rock to present the concert film “Morrissey 25: Live From Hollywood High” in theaters across North America this August. No word yet, though, whether it will be in IMAX 3D or just a regular showing.

ORIGINAL POST: Morrissey’s intimate concert at Hollywood High School last March — arguably the highlight of Moz’s illness-plagued and cancellation-prone U.S. tour — is not only due for a DVD release this year, it appears the film also may be shown in movie theaters in the U.S. — in giant-screened IMAX 3D no less, according to the singer’s nephew.

As the …hang the dj blog points out, Sam Esty Rayner — a professional photographer who is both Morrissey’s nephew and Roseanne Cash’s son-in-law — last night re-posted his gallery of photos from the March 2 concert on Facebook and wrote the following message:

“So the film of the Morrissey show at The Hollywood High School will be shown at 47 cinema across the United States of America, you lucky bastards. Available in IMAX 3D.”

Nothing has been officially announced about the release of the Hollywood High concert, but there was mention of it in the Spring 2013 catalog from Eagle Vision, the TV arm of Eagle Rock Entertainment, which releases concerts and other music  DVDs and, in recent years, has screened its titles from the Rolling Stones, Peter Gabriel, Ozzy Osbourne and more in U.S. theaters via Fathom Events.

Morrissey currently is scheduled to tour South America in July and early August.

Below, check out footage of the Hollywood High concert shot by Rayner:


Morrissey at Hollywood High: Intro


Morrissey at Hollywood High: Encore






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