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Move over, vinyl: Taking their cue from the wildly successful Record Store Day, some lovers of the lowly but resurgent cassette tape format have launched International Cassette Store Day, which will take place Sept. 7 and feature limited-edition cassette releases from The Flaming Lips, The Pastels, Nick Cave’s The Birthday Party and more.

According to the U.K. organizers (via NME), there will be a launch party in London with similar events at record stores in Los Angeles, New York and Tokyo, among other cities in the U.S., U.K. and Europe.

The event’s organizers write:

No longer the inadequate, younger sibling of Vinyl and CD, the humble Cassette has been making a resurgence of late. Proving that cassette tapes are not just for those of us who remember buying Nirvana’s ‘Nevermind’ with birthday money, or making lovingly compiled mixtapes for the object of our teenage affections. International Cassette Store Day 2013 is a celebration of a physical product that is accessible, fun, cheap and still going strong in the turbulent current musical climate.

A full list of releases has yet to be announced, but participating labels include the event’s organizers SEXBEAT (Fucked Up), Kissability (TBA) and Suplex Cassettes (Fair Ohs, Proper Ornaments), as well as Transgressive (At The Drive-In, Pulled Apart By Horses), Bella Union (The Flaming Lips), Domino (The Pastels), 4AD (Deerhunter, The Birthday Party), Blood & Biscuits (Efterklang) and more.

Keep an eye on for the full release list and participating stores.




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