Nine Inch Nails at Fuji Rock

Nine Inch Nails fans around the world were crushed Friday when it turned out the live webcast of the resurrected band’s first performance since 2009 was only available in Japan. But the wait is now over, as Trent Reznor and Co.’s full 90-minute set at Fuji Rock Festival ’13 — which saw the live debut of current single “Came Back Haunted” and the world premieres of two other songs off the forthcoming Hesitation Marks (“Copy of A,” “Find My Way”) — has hit the web, thanks to YouTube user mikezak4, who edited together several different captures of the geoblocked webstream.

Check out the full performance and setlist below:



Setlist: Nine Inch Nails, Fuji Rock Festival, 7/26/13

1 “Copy of A” (New song)
2. “Sanctified”
3. “Came Back Haunted” (New song)
4. “1,000,000”
5. “March of the Pigs”
6. “Piggy”
7. “Reptile”
8. “Terrible Lie”
9. “Closer”
10. “Gave Up”
11. “Help Me I Am In Hell”
12. “Me, I’m Not”
13. “Find My Way” (New song)
14. “The Way Out Is Through”
15. “Wish”
16. “Survivalism”
17. “The Good Soldier”
18. “Only”
19. “The Hand that Feeds”
20. “Head Like a Hole”
21. “Hurt”






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