Ministry's Al Jourgensen

For this week’s this installment of Vintage Video, we travel back 30 years to a kinder, gentler time, an era before Al Jourgensen discovered speed metal and riddled his face with tattoos and studded piercings, and was, instead, simply content to rock a sharp hat, sing in a faux British accent and craft some high-grade early-’80s synthpop.

Below, we present a full 10-song, 55-minute Ministry set filmed at Minneapolis’ famed First Avenue club on July 20, 1983, about two months after the release of the band’s classic — albeit now-disowned by Jourgensen — debut album, With Sympathy.

Check it out below via Roy Oh.

And if you need a reminder about how much things can change in 30 years, re-visit Ministry’s brand-new single “PermaWar.” Or relive Uncle Al’s recent war on raccoons.



Setlist: Ministry, First Avenue, Minneapolis, Minn., 7/20/83

1. “Work for Love”
2. “So-So Life”
3. “Revenge”
4. “Effigy (I’m Not An)”
5. “What Is the Reason?”
6. “I’m Falling”
7. “I Wanted to Tell Her”
8. “What He Say”
9. “Here We Go”
10. “Overkill”






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