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Back in 2011, the good folks at Rhino Records requested we take a stab at curating their ‘Just Can’t Get Enough: The ’80s’  playlist on Spotify — and now that the label’s launched its own app within Spotify, we’ve been asked to freshen it up with 25 new — well, let’s be honest, not-so-new — tracks representing the classic ’80s alternative era.

As Rhino notes on its blog:

“The immortal New Wave compilation, re-imagined for the digital age and now presented to you by Slicing Up Eyeballs! Whether you’re a mod, a punker, or a new waver (totally different head, totally), this playlist brings together the spirit of your favorite college radio station, dimly-lit goth nightclub, or sweaty punk show. So mousse up your hair, rip those jeans, slip on your Doc Martens and enjoy while you pine away for Blaine (or Andie).”

Below, you can see the full playlist — or just head straight to Spotify to start streaming.


Devo, “Beautiful World”
New Order, “Evertying’s Gone Green”
OMD, “Messages” (10″ Single Version)
Modern English, “After the Snow”
Pet Shop Boys, “Suburbia”
Tears For Fears, “Mothers Talk”
Ministry, “Halloween Remix”
Depeche Mode, “Love, In Itself”
Echo & The Bunnymen, “Back of Love”
The Fixx, “Red Skies”
The Mighty Lemon Drops, “Into the Heart of Love”
The Communards, “Disenchanted”
Thomas Dolby, “Hyperactive!”
Oingo Boingo, “Nothing to Fear (But Fear Itself)”
The Jesus and Mary Chain, “Cherry Came Too”
Peter Murphy, “I’ve Got a Secret Miniature Camera”
The Psychedelic Furs, “Dumb Waiters”
Morrissey, “Hairdresser on Fire”
Propaganda, “P.Machinery”
Kate Bush, “The Dreaming”
Joy Division, “Shadowplay”
The Cure, “Primary”
INXS, “Black and White”
Love and Rockets, “Haunted When the Minutes Drag”
Adam & The Ants, “Physical (You’re So)”




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