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Talking Heads, “Memories Can’t Wait”
Electronic, “Get the Message” (UK 7″ Mix)
Orange Juice, “A Million Pleading Faces”
INXS, “The One Thing”

Morrissey, “Sing Your Life”
Erasure, “Sometimes”
The Call, “I Still Believe”
Pixies, “Letter to Memphis” (BBC Session)
Ian McCulloch, “Proud to Fall”

The Sugarcubes, “Motorcrash”
The Feelies, “Original Love”
Midnight Oil, “Whoah”
Siouxsie and the Banshees, “Happy House”

Martin L. Gore, “Compulsion”
Concrete Blonde, “Mexican Moon”
The Church, “Reptile”

The Replacements, “More Cigarettes”