Reissues, Vinyl — March 12, 2014 at 8:16 am

Pulp’s ‘Different Class’ to receive first-ever U.S. vinyl pressing this summer


Pulp’s 1995 Britpop masterpiece, Different Class, will receive its first-ever U.S. vinyl release this summer when Plain Recordings releases a new 180-gram pressing of the Mercury Prize-winning album, the label announced today. No release date has yet been announced, and the pressing will not include bonus material, according to the label.






  1. Is Plain going to source this from a cd like they have done other vinyl re-releases? Call me unimpressed until they tell us the vinyl was cut from original tapes or a very high res source.

  2. If this is going to be released by Plain then I’ll pass. They couldn’t have put out a worse sounding piece of wax if they tried with This Is Hardcore. Just terrible, the only label worse for vinyl is Music On Vinyl.

    • Yeah, Plain has done some less-than-stellar work, yet somehow 3 to 4 of their LPs snuck their way into my collection (guess I’m a sucker for format over sound).

      Music On Vinyl is considered bad, too? I have Faith No More LPs from them that sound quite decent, much better than Plain.

      • Honestly, I don’t own any other releases on Plain, I was just so burned on that one that I decided to pass on any others from them. Luckily they don’t have any other artists on their books that I buy on vinyl. They may have done a better job on other releases, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.

        Music On Vinyl is hit or miss with quality, however, they are so overpriced it really doesn’t matter how good it is. I have never seen an album on this label that wasn’t priced at $38.99 or more, usually $45.99. There is just no reason for that pricing.

        • Music On Vinyl does indeed seem overpriced (even if they are limited-edition pressings imported from the Netherlands). Fortunately, I got mine half-priced from a private seller.

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