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This Saturday, reunited dreampop favorites Kitchens of Distinction will release a four-track EP in the U.K. for Record Store Day, a clear-vinyl 10-inch featuring the song “Extravagance” off last year’s comeback album Folly — and we’re thrilled to be able to bring you the premiere of a new video for the song filmed by frontman Patrick Fitzgerald in Paris.

The EP, limited to 500 copies and released by 3 Loop Music, will also include a demo of the track, plus stripped-down versions of “I Wish It Would Snow” and “Drive That Fast” recorded live at Seattle’s KEXP.

Here’s what Fitzgerald has to say about the song and video:

“There are always those who live extraordinary lives providing inspiration for otherness in our own. This monstrous beast of music, a piece KOD originally messed about with in 1996 but which did not come to fruition, suggested that I document/honour the most extraordinary life. Enter the Marchesa Luisa Casati – wildly wealthy, wildly artful, a wild muse to Man Ray/Augustus John/Cecil Beaton etc. Look her up. Read the biography “Infinite Variety”. See her gravestone in Brompton Cemetery, London. There also exists an earlier version of this song, with a different tune and lyric. In this earlier version the extravagance moves from Luisa’s life in verse 1, to those of two gay men whose extravagances, like hers, is their downfall.

“I shot the raw footage for this video on location in Paris at the Château de Versailles and in the Galerie d’Apollon in the Museé du Louvre where the gilded decoration and excessive ornamentation were highly suggestive of Casati’s florid life. I really like the jerkiness that the Super 8 App on the iPhone gives, to me suggesting a ghost wandering these extraordinary rooms, unable to settle, looking for the grand party she had left behind. The revolving leg display, conveniently found in a shop window in one of the many covered passages in Paris, added a kinky touch that I’m sure would have tickled the Marchesa too.”

Below, check out the “Extravagance” video and see the full tracklist for the single:


Video: Kitchens of Distinction, “Extravagance”


Tracklist: Kitchens of Distinction, “Extravagance” Record Store Day 10-inch (UK)

A1: “Extravagance” (Album Version)
A2: “I Wish It Would Snow” (Live In Studio recorded for KEXP Radio)
B1. “Extravagance” (Demo/Original Lyric Version)
B2. “Drive That Fast” (Live In Studio recorded for KEXP Radio)






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