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The Jesus and Mary Chain in Brazil: Watch hour-long, pro-shot video from São Paulo

The Jesus and Mary Chain

The Jesus and Mary Chain paid a visit to South America this past week for a short run of shows, and one of those dates — a performance Sunday at the Cultura Ingelsa Festival in São Paulo, Brazil — was filmed either for web of TV broadcast, and you can now watch the full 16-song, 66-minute set below via Paulo Henrique Rodrigues.

Check it out:


Setlist: The Jesus and Mary Chain, Festival Cultura Inglesa, São Paulo, Brasil, 5/25/14

1. “Snakedriver”
2. “Head On”
3. “Far Gone and Out”
4. “Between Planets”
5. “Blues From a Gun”
6. “Teenage Lust”
7. “Sidewalking”
8. “Cracking Up”
9. “All Things Must Pass”
10. “Some Candy Talking”
11. “Happy When It Rains”
12. “Halfway to Crazy”
13. “Just Like Honey”

14. “The Hardest Walk”
15. “Taste of Cindy”
16. “Reverence”






  1. So glad they are keeping “between planets” in the set list. In my top 10 songs if all time.

  2. I love them but playing live has never been their thing.

  3. april81972

    Yeah, saw them a few years back in NYC. Incredibly lifeless, boring set. No stage presence at all.

  4. That was a terrible mix. Nowhere near enough feedback!

  5. christopher

    Wow–Is that overweight guy (not judging) one of the Reids? Jesus.

  6. Yeh…….but he’s married top Hope Sandoval, so…….y’know.

  7. such a bland performance. I have seen them more times that I can count and they seem to be loosing their enthusiasm for performing live. No feedback on guitar, so passion in vocals and the music sounds lifeless. Sad to say this about one of the best underrated bands.

  8. i hope they play in Rio this year yet!

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