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Contest: Win tickets to see Peter Murphy perform his solo debut in San Francisco

As we reported a few weeks back, former Bauhaus frontman Peter Murphy will perform a 15-night residency at The Chapel in San Francisco in June and July, performing “a retrospective of his greatest solo albums in their entirety” over the course of the run.

We’re happy to announce today that the venue has provided us with a pair of tickets to the first night of that residency to award to a lucky Slicing Up Eyeballs reader. The winner of this contest will receive two (2) tickets to see Murphy perform his 1986 solo debut Should the World Fail to Fall Apart at The Chapel in San Francisco on June 20.

TO ENTER: In the comments section below, name your favorite Peter Murphy solo album, and let us know why you think it’s so great. If you’re using the Slicing Up Eyeballs app, please email your entry to with the subject line “PETER MURPHY SF TIX.”

RULES: We’ll take entries until 5 p.m. EDT Wednesday, May 31. After that point, we’ll select a winner at random, who will be notified via their provided e-mail addresses. Important: If the winner does not reply to their notification email within 72 hours, a new winner will be drawn (hey, it happens). One entry per person.

Good luck, and godspeed.





  1. Kate Venne

    Cascade… because I was in college and my first introduction to him and I fell in love… Gliding Like a Whale was my absolute favorite.

  2. Scott Kruger

    Only the fist night? Nuts. I was hoping for the July 11 show as that’s his birthday. And my 50th birthday. I was actually considering a making that a birthday trip.

    • Jeremy True

      saw him on the 11th as well, 1993? my 2oth birthday. It was also in San Francisco. they brought him out a big birthday cake and everybody sang happy birthday. Then they played rock and roll by Led Zeppelin. ☺

  3. Dawn Gibbs

    Lion. Next to Deep and Love Hysteria Lion is my favorite. There is no way to pinpoint why or how but I just find myself listening to it over and over and getting lost in this album.

  4. Michelle Kissinger

    Love Hysteria. There is a sense of mystery and mysticism to it. I think one can especially hear and feel Peter’s spiritual connection and inner exploration on this one. I used to listen to this one over and over as a teen….still get something magical out of it.

  5. edward edwards

    deep. it was my introduction to his world of music.

  6. They are all good, but Deep is my all time fave. I still reach for that album if I need recharge from life.

  7. Deep and Dust….are just so intensely beautiful…..but really ….I love to hear him sing anything

  8. Deep. It’s just a classic album that never ages. Cuts you up is still one of my favorite all time tracks.

  9. Jaime smith

    Love hysteria is one of the most inspirational love albums ever penned.

    Indigo eyes , melodic love
    Blind sublime, when her eyes met mine
    All night long, the color of her being

    Send me please

  10. Ninth. This is the album that made me a fan, and it’s so biting and straightforward on one hand, but towards the end opens up into the sublime mystery that he is so known for.

  11. Should The World Fail To Fall Apart. It includes my all time favorite track by Mr Murphy: “God Sends” (which I’ve never heard him perform live, unfortunately). I loved the production and the instrumentation of the whole album, especially the bass. And the expanded edition of the album is fantastic!

  12. Tough question. Probably Holy Smoke. I love the atmosphere of Keep Me From Harm and Low Room. Dust is up there as well because it is such an otherworldly and beautiful record.

  13. Ninth. From front to back there’s not a bad song on the entire album. I loved it then, I still love it now. I saw him twice in Massachusetts. Once before the album even came out in Foxboro and the second time in Boston.

  14. Glenna Gill

    Love Hysteria!! Indigo Eyes changed my life.

  15. frank agnone

    Love Hysteria – It perfectly captured the evolving state of alternative music. As a solo artist Peter made a record that beautifully expressed a new type of love song for an entire generation of alternative music listeners. Brilliant!

  16. Holy Smoke. I wish PM would perform The Sweetest Drop more often.

  17. Thomas Appleyard

    Deep, because every track is beautiful.

  18. Thomas Ellis

    DUST: It’s deep; it’s dark; it’s mysterious. And Murphy’s vocals are untouchable.

  19. Enrique j perez Reyes

    Love Hysteria

    It captured the night.
    Because there is beauty in it.
    Reminds me of cloves, burgundy curtains and youth goth clubs

  20. Beth Sorich

    Love Hysteria because the lyrics are just so amazing. They speak to so many real and fantastic experiences.

  21. Jamaica Kennedy

    Deep. It was the first one I heard and still speaks to me…

  22. Sarah Schweitzer

    Deep – I think it’s his best and most cohesive album. I used to love Dancing to Crystal Wrists.

  23. Sara Minton

    I’m going with Love hysteria. Every song is a classic. All night long Is one of my favorite songs to dance to. My husband and i met at Peter Murphy concert and seeing him in San Fran would be such a memorable experience for us. Fingers crossed!

  24. Love Hysteria – All Night Long

    Now come hold my hand
    No bad vibe hearts
    Hold my hand you know
    This journey could be long

    That’s why!

  25. Jennifer Odendahl

    Love Hysteria- because it was the first solo Peter Murphy I had heard. It was amazing to me how beautiful his music could be while still being The Godfather of goth.

  26. John FIschetti

    Deep. It came out just as I was totally getting into Bauhaus as a college radio station DJ. Deep made me get soaked into his music and also delve into Love and Rockets as well. Deep will always be my favorite solo album, and Love Hysteria is a close second.

  27. Bronwyn Mouton

    Deep. My favorite Peter Murphy song is Marlene Dietrich’s Favourite Poem. Some years back, I went to see him perform in Houston, and when he did this song, he held my hand for a second. Even more my favorite album now.

  28. Tom Kasper

    Cascade “I’ll fall with your knife” So Infectious!!

  29. Shannon Peck

    I liked Peter Murphy before Love Hyseria came out but that album made me fall in love with his music. He proved he could be a great solo artist. I saw him live for the first time during his Love Hysteria tour.

  30. Love Hysteria. I saw the tour at St Andrews Hall in Detroit (where I lived at the time). That performance was so epic I didn’t mind that my leather jacket was stolen when I was wrapped up in the show.

  31. Jane Schwarz

    Holy Smoke: Love everything about it…Such smartly written tracks, to the damm amazing cover photo.

  32. Andrea Bedell

    Love Hysteria. Changed my life. Peter Murphy gives me life.
    Definetly part of my soundtrack of life.

  33. Brent Hachney

    Love Hysteria.
    Time has got nothing to do with it is my favorite song of all time.
    Peter is a world class poet.

  34. Cascade is my favorite. It’s the album that made me a fan of Peter’s solo work. I was fortunate enough to see the Just For Love tour stop in Philly, and I can still close my eyes and picture his performance of “Gliding Like a Whale” as if it were yesterday. His stage presence was majestic and magnetic.

  35. Deep – because none of it ever gets old – and the first time I saw him live.

  36. Bobby west

    My favorite Peter Murphy song is Cut you up on the Deep album. I have always been a big fan since the 80s. Deep is great!

  37. Cristina Lo Prete

    Cascade, just because I had to choose one. Love them all <3

  38. Love Hysteria because it was the first solo record of his I ever got. Still have the cassette.

  39. Matthew Hargrove

    My favorite solo album by him is “The Waking Hour” recorded under the nom de guerre “Dali’s Car.” Working with the great Mick Karn, its a wonderfully odd album that holds up 30 years later. Peter’s deep voice on top of that wonderful fretless bass. Fantastic music. Hopefully he considers this one on his SF stint and just just stick with albums strictly under his name…

  40. Heather Druktenis

    Deep……pure poetry. Makes my heart ache so sweetly… this very day. Thank you Peter Murphy

  41. My favorite Peter Murphy solo album is Deep. I remember when it came out, and I went to see him on the tour for it as a lonely teen visiting family far from home all by myself. It will stay with me forever. <3

  42. My favorite Peter Murphy album is Ninth, his voice sounds amazing on I Spit Roses and The Prince & Old Lady Shade. Never Fall Out is my favorite track from it.

  43. Chris Waldrip

    Deep was the first album he released while I was working in college radio. Love that album to this day.

  44. Nicholas Yagar

    Deep, I still find myself listening to it after all these years

  45. Danny Anderson

    “Deep” because “Cuts You Up.”

  46. Peter Murphy….My hero my heart that beats to the sound of his voice. The first time I ever saw and heard his amazing voice was from the 1983 movie “The Hungar ” .After that I found everything I could about this amazing man with this deep voice. His music makes me feel alive from his deep pounding voice to his up lifting songs. So to answer the question what my favorite album lol..all and everything that ever came out of he’s shypnotising heart pounding voice! Thanks Peter Murphy for being you..

  47. Holy smoke. Listened to it on repeat on my honeymoon.

  48. Chris Aberson

    Love Hysteria.

    Saw a great live show on that tour

  49. Dina Robinson

    This is a tough one. But I’m going to go with Holy Smoke as it has the strongest memories for me. I just listened to it for the first time in many years and that beginning intro to Keep Me From Harm with his church-like choir just really sets the tone for the rest of the album. the musicianship is stellar and a departure from his previous output – more rockin and even a bit more jazzy. I saw him on this tour back in 1992 and I can’t wait to see him perform it again (gulp!) 25 years later!

  50. Mike Hash

    Cascade. Michael Brook’s guitar work couple with Peter’s voice is sublime. Check “Huuvola”.

  51. My favorite solo Peter Murphy album is Cascade. It is my favorite for a couple of reasons, first it contains my favorite PM song of all time — Subway, and secondly, every song on the album touches my soul.

  52. Strange Kind of Love
    Because it seemed like my own personal anthem at the time

  53. Love Hysteria. Lifts me up and resonates upon every listen.

  54. If I have to pick one solo album it would be Deep. Every song on this album is Brilliant. My favorite tracks include Deep Ocean Vast Sea, Roll Call, A Strange Kind of Love. This album holds a lot of memories for me. Listening to it today can transport me back in time.

  55. Crystal Kelly

    My favorite album is a tie between Deep and Unshattered. I feel like both of those albums show the power of Peter’s vocals.

  56. Jeri Wilkinson-Mir

    I can not choose just one Peter Murphy album..because i love them all..They are an artistic and heartfelt extension of himself in music form and what he was going through at the time..and a true artist!!!!this is why i choose all of his albums as my favorite…THANK YOU… JWM

  57. Love Hysteria. I had this cd in my car for three years. For me the record is flawless. To open with all night long, was a great start. And is absolutely one of my favorite songs of all time. I had to re buy the CD after the CD player was stolen out of the car haha.

  58. Dawn McCormick

    Should the world fail to fall apart. Just fabulous ! Such a seductive sound from PM. Love him!!

  59. Deep has always been my favorite solo album by Peter Murphy. One of my top ten favorite songs of all time is, Cuts you up. Absolutely adore the song and the video is mesmerizing. A work of art all around. Only seen him preform once, with Bauhaus and he was a showstopper.

  60. trisha witter

    Deep It’s hard to choose just one, but Deep is a sentimental favorite and I love four of the songs on it. Then Holy Smoke and Ninth. I really appreciate Dust with the middle eastern flare. But with a voice like Peter Murphy’s, anything sounds goo.

  61. Stephanie Checchia

    Dust ~ Soooo enchanting! Totally irresistible! Things to Remember… Your Face… : ) Beautiful!

  62. favorite solo album? love hysteria. perhaps solely for the song “socrates the python,” a mesmerizing listen.

  63. My favorite Murphy álbum is cascade, It was the time I think he reached the sound he wanted to as a solo artist, and I regret I didnt go to see Him on tour back then.

  64. it’s hard to choose between deep and love hysteria but i’m choosing deep because i love the overall mood. marlene dietrich’s favourite poem is quite beautiful.

  65. As is common, hard to pick. I guess I will go with Love Hysteria as it reminds me of Dalis Car from a few years earlier.

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