Alien Sex Fiend

“Dark Wave,” hosted by Slicing Up Eyeballs’ Matt Sebastian, airs 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. EDT every Sunday on Sirius XM satellite radio’s 1st Wave (Channel 33). The most recent two episodes also are available via Sirius XM’s On Demand service for online subscribers.


The Cult, “Love” (Love)
Echo & The Bunnymen, “Villiers Terrace” (Crocodiles)
Red Lorry Yellow, Lorry, “Spinning Round” (Paint Your Wagon)
The Creatures, “Exterminating Angel” (Anima Animus)
Killing Joke, “Rapture” (MMXII)
Alien Sex Fiend, “Shit’s Coming Down” (Posessed)
Love and Rockets, “Sweet Lover Hangover” (Sweet F.A.)
The Bolshoi, “Giants” (Bigger Giants)
The Mission, “The Crystal Ocean” (The First Chapter)
The Jesus and Mary Chain, “April Skies” (Darklands)
Poesie Noire, “A Night Like This” (A Night Like This)
Japan, “European Son” (Assemblage)
Gene Loves Jezebel, “Cow” (Immigrant)

Ministry, “Over the Shoulder” (12-Inch Version) (Twitch)
Nitzer Ebb, “Let Your Body Learn” (That Total Age)
Depeche Mode, “Fly on the Windscreen” (Extended Version) (Singles Box)
Wire, “Eardrum Buzz” (12-Inch Version) (It’s Beginning to and Back Again)
The Cure, “Faith” (Faith)
Joy Division, “Isolation” (Closer)
The Gun Club, “Sex Beat” (Fire of Love)
The Damned, “New Rose” (Damned Damned Damned)
Chrome, “Danger Zone” (No Humans Allowed)
Siouxsie and the Banshees, “Dazzle” (Hyaena)
The Sun and The Moon, “Peace in Our Time” (The Sun and The Moon)
Shriekback, “And the Rain” (Why Anything? Why This?)
Rosetta Stone, “The Witch” (Adrenaline)

Bauhaus, “The Spy in the Cab” (In the Flat Field)
The Human League, “Seconds” (Dare)
Gang of Four, “I Will Be A Good Boy” (Songs of the Free)
Nosferatu, “Lucy is Red” (Rise)
Front 242, “Headhunter V3.0” (Front By Front)
Pailhead, “Man Should Surrender” (Side Trax)
London After Midnight, “Spider and the Fly” (Selected Scenes From the End of the World)
Gary Numan, “Love and Napalm” (Sacrifice)
Love Like Blood, “The Everlasting Dream” (An Irony of Fate)
The Smiths, “Bigmouth Strikes Again” (Live) (Rank)
The The, “The Beat(en) Generation” (Mind Bomb)
New Order, “Truth” (Movement)
The Fall, “Kurious Oranj” (I Am Kurious Oranj)
The Sisters of Mercy, “Walk Away” (First and Last and Always)



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