The House of Love’s  Guy Chadwick today played a 13-song, 48-minute solo set from his home in Sussex, England, that was broadcast “live from isolation” via Facebook, a way to reach out to fans as the band is now sidelined like so much else in this world by the coronavirus.

“This is the weirdest gig I’ve ever done in my life,” Chadwick said at one point in his cellphone self-broadcast. “But it’s kind of strangely exciting and very, very cosmic. I’ve never felt such loneliness on stage. It’s incredible, But that’s good, you need to learn new things.”

The House of Love had been set to embark on its first North American tour in nearly 30 years next month, but that has been postponed and no new dates have yet been announced.

Below, watch Chadwick’s full solo set.



Setlist: Guy Chadwick at Home, 4/4/20

1. “Christine”
2. “Crush Me”
3. “The Girl With the Loneliest Eyes”
4. “Man to Child”
5. “Purple Killer Rose”
6. “Destroy the Heart”
7. “Phone”
8. “I Don’t Know Why I Love You”
9. “Blind”
10. “A Baby Got Back on Its Feet”
11. “Fade Away”
12. “Shine On”
13. “Safe”




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