The Chills | Photo by Alex Lovell-Smith

New Zealand indie-pop legends The Chills will return this spring with their seventh studio album, the 10-track Scatterbrain that is preceded by the recently released track “You’re Immortal” and the brand-single “Monolith” — which you can hear below.

The album will be released by Fire Records on CD and on vinyl in sky blue and deep sea marble pressings on May 14. Bandcamp, though, shows the digital release coming a bit earlier, on April 25.

The new record will be Martin Phillipps and Co.’s first first since 2018’s Snow Bound.

Hear the new song “Monolith” and see the full tracklist below:



The Chills, Scatterbrain

1. “Monolith”
2. “Hourglass”
3. “Destiny”
4. “Caught In My Eye”
5. “You’re Immortal”
6. “Little Alien”
7. “Safe And Sound”
8. “Worlds Within Worlds”
9. “Scatterbrain”
10. “Walls Beyond Abandon”





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