Contests — February 25, 2010 at 12:25 pm

Contest: Win a copy of ‘Ceremony: A New Order Tribute’ 2CD benefit compilation

'Ceremony: A New Order Tribute'

To mark the release of Ceremony: A New Order Tribute, the fine folks at the 24 Hour Service Station record label have provided Slicing Up Eyeballs with a copy of this excellent 2CD compilation to give away to one lucky reader.

Proceeds from the tribute — which features 33 New Order covers from electronic and indie acts such as Rabbit in the Moon and Detachments — will benefit the Salford Foundation Trust’s Tony Wilson Awards, established in memory of the late Factory Records co-founder.

To enter, simply leave a comment on the bottom of this post (and include a real e-mail address, because that’s how the winner will be notified). We’ll accept entries — from anywhere in the world — through noon Eastern time on Friday, March 5. Entrants also will be signed up for the 24 Hour Service Station e-mail list.

For more on Ceremony, including a full tracklist and audio samples, go here.



  1. So nice to see something going good for Tony, finally! “So people make money and some people make HISTORY”.

  2. Brandon Neil Ragan

    Awesome! I can remember myself and the old post punk gang jumping on my trampoline to the ‘Low-Life’ album with lit cloves. Ahhh the memories.

  3. Give site, love getting the tweets too!

  4. That should be GREAT Site…

  5. Your site rocks. So does New Order.

  6. Love the site, and the tweets!

  7. I’d welcome a win. But then again, I’d welcome..well..a win!

  8. Michael Hopens

    Just picked up a new copy of Substance after mine well disapeared. Good to Factory Recs still kicking it.

  9. Thanks for the site; love all of the updates. Winning the CD would be awesome.

  10. Splick and Splack

    Can’t wait to get this CD whether I win or not. But thanks for the chance!

  11. Monica Miller

    Sigh. New Order. I’ve got Blue Monday, True Faith, and Bizarre Love Triangle in regular rotation right now.

  12. Love the site looks like a great cd!

  13. Looks like it will be a pretty cool tribute album. It makes me happy to see that this is something done in memory of Tony Wilson. It might sound silly, but Tony is a hero of mine.

  14. Awesome job with the site! Keep it up!

  15. Good luck to me

  16. Sounds like the goodness!

  17. Love the site!

  18. sounds like a nice contest to be involved with.. :)

  19. I just wish new order would get back together and play album shows of Movement, Power Corruption and Lies, Low Life and Brotherhood.

  20. Compilation sounds promising.

  21. This is going to be nice…

  22. Love, love, love the Power, Corruption & Lies CD. This comp looks promising as well, with a great charity reaping the benefits.

  23. Great blog! And good luck to me :)

  24. Please I need it!

  25. David Wright

    Hope I win!!!!

  26. I’ve read them all- no mercy shown.

  27. chris cummins

    I do love contests!

  28. David Levesque

    Good Job!
    Keep Rockin’!

  29. Cool stuff!

  30. I like New Order. I like Slicing Up Eyeballs. I like to win. See where I am going with this? ;)

  31. Looking forward to hearing this.

  32. tracy besenyodi

    New Order’s music played a significant role in the soundtrack of my teen years. Love revisitng all these old memories with your tweets.

  33. Come to papa!

  34. I love New Order

  35. Greetings from Cairo!

  36. This CD sounds quite interesting, as I’ve heard some good New Order covers over the years, so any more would be welcome by me. I’m a big NO fan & with all the proceeds going to a good cause, I hope this album does well for them.

  37. robbie austin

    you got love technique

  38. the tribute cd sounds interesting. i love the detachments and it’ll be interesting to hear how they interpret new order.

  39. “Ceremony” is a great title for the collection – it’s probably their best song (or at least the most coverable).

  40. Comp looks cool! Sign me up!

  41. Great success?

  42. New Order, saw them in 2005 just before they split up, one of the most underrated bands ever !
    Can’t wait to find out what everyone did with the songs :D

  43. This is one of the best sites out there – thx for the daily updates!!

  44. Phil Bjorneberg

    Joy Division’s music led to many hours of intense listening and studying of lyrical content and New Order fuelled many college parties.

  45. I adore Joy Divison and New Order. Thanks for posting. :)

  46. scoty in salida

    New Order; timeless.

  47. love the site!

  48. Colton Rawlings

    Thanks for the chance.

  49. Wow…I just discovered this site! So happy to find talk devoted to the music I keep coming back to…

  50. True Faith is the best track ever

  51. Compilation looks great! Would love to be a winner!

  52. Count me in.

  53. Manchester/So much to answer for

  54. Poor Tony Wilson—I’ll always think of Steve Coogan’s ridiculous depiction when I think of him now. Still, glad to see he got the last laugh.

  55. me me!

  56. I want!

  57. ooh ooh chose me!

  58. seems like every post on your site brings back memories. keep up the great work!

  59. Love your site!

  60. Anthony Keenan

    I feel so extraordinary ……….

  61. joe blalock

    yes please.

  62. James R. Fender

    Sounds very interesting and I am very interested.

  63. “Wake up every day that would be a start. I would not complain of my wounded heart.”

    What a great idea!

  64. aah new order, bringing friends together since… well in this case, 2005!
    i met my best friend jeff when we were both standing in line to see new order (we’re both HUGE fans) play at the jimmy kimmel show… they played a whole bunch of songs because they were practicing their set before they played coachella that year.. it was amazing!

  65. *fingers crossed!*

  66. ohhhhh, ohhh, ohhhhhhhh…. Oh you got blues eyes. Baby, I got brown eyes!

  67. Now I stand here waiting…

  68. Me me me!!! :)

  69. Pick Me!

  70. shawna faith

    i saw new order live in 1989 with PIL and the sugarcubes…it was one of the greatest shows i have ever seen. i cant wait for this to come out so i can get it! :)

  71. cheers to Slicing Up Eyeballs

  72. Sign me up

  73. S. Lawson

    Should be interesting

  74. S Poholski

    Thanks to Tony’s foundation for all of its good work.

  75. I wish I had been on FB sooner…my favorite DJ just played Ceremony for me on WFCF 88.5 “RADIO WITH A REASON”…I will have to get a copy of this!

  76. i would love to see a documentary made about tony wilson, he did so much for the manchester music scene, and was part of growing up in manchester to me.

  77. Even though this site makes me feel old, I still love this music.

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