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Erasure’s Andy Bell to release ‘Non-Stop’ solo album featuring Perry Farrell duet

Erasure's Andy Bell, circa 2010

Frontman Andy Bell of long running synthpop duo Erasure is set to show off his “more clubby, nocturnal, disco-glam side” on Non-Stop, his forthcoming second solo album — and first in five years — which closes with a duet with Jane’s Addiction singer Perry Farrell.

Due out May 24/25 in the U.K./U.S. on Mute Records, the 10-track album is co-written and co-produced by Pascal Gabriel, and marks Bell’s first solo outing since 2005’s Electric Blue. The new album features the single “Call On Me,” due out May 10, as well as “Honey If You Love Him,” the duet written by Farrell, “a huge fan of Andy’s voice who suggested the alliance,” according to Mute.

Two of Non-Stop’s tracks — “Running Out” and “Will You Be There?” — were released by Bell as singles late last year and earlier this year under the pseudonym Mimó, although the singer was forced to drop that name by an artist already performing under that moniker. (You can hear “Will You Be There?” here.)

Bell also recently began work in London with longtime collaborator Vince Clarke on their 14th Erasure album — and the duo are planning a 25th anniversary tour later this year.

See full tracklist for Andy Bell’s ‘Non-Stop’ after the jump…

Tracklist: Andy Bell, Non-Stop

1. “Running Out”
2. “Call On Me”
3. “Subject/Object”
4. “Say What You Want”
5. “Will You Be There?”
6. “Slow Release”
7. “Touch”
8. “Non-Stop”
9. “DHDQ”
10. “Honey If You Love Him” (featuring Perry Farrell)


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