Milestones, Video — May 18, 2010 at 6:17 am

Milestones: Ian Curtis died 30 years ago today, ending Joy Division, giving rise to New Order

Thirty years ago today, Joy Division frontman Ian Curtis hung himself, instantly ending the promising career of one band and inadvertently launching another — the equally, if not more, influential New Order. We mark the occasion by posting this clip of what’s arguably Curtis’ most transcendent moment: “Love Will Tear Us Apart.” This is a version recorded Nov. 26, 1979, for a Peel session — the first time the song ever was recorded. This clip features a mixture of video shot by the band for the original promo, plus live concert excerpts from Brussels and Manchester.

WATCH: Peter Hook plays ‘Unknown Pleasures’ in tribute to Joy Division’s Ian Curtis



  1. Because of the botch job Warners did with the remasters I’ve been carefully restoring New Order and Joy Division’s output.

  2. Dooby Ellis

    Truly a great performance, one of many by such a great frontman and of course an inspirational band. R.I.P Ian Curtis.

  3. Dave Anderson

    Ian, my main man…You taught the world to dance.
    We remember you kindly every time we hit the dance floor! Your Spirit lives forever!

  4. ♥ian curtis♥ you were the greatest poet ever. your songs and your dance will never die. you gave everything you had to your music, thank you for that. rest in peace and dream of happy things.

  5. this group never got the full recongition they should have. i am still to this day a fan, but not a new orfer fan.

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