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Unhappy birthday: Morrissey is 51 today; watch entire ‘Live in Dallas’ concert film

We’ve come to wish Morrissey an unhappy birthday because, well, that’s probably what he’d want. The Mozzer turns 51 today, and in honor of that, we present, in its entirety, his 1992 concert film “Live in Dallas,” which, while still not available on DVD in the U.S., is floating around on YouTube.

The film was shot June 17, 1991, during a concert at the Starplex in Dallas, which was most notable for its ending: During “Everyday is Like Sunday,” Morrissey was overwhelmed by a barrage of stage invaders, and ultimately fled, leaving guitarist Alain Whyte to finish the song — and scrap the planned second encore of “Disappointed.”

You can watch the entire show — including Morrissey’s defeat at the hands of his own fans — in the playlist embedded above, or by individual song at Slicing Up Video.

See tracklist for Morrissey ‘Live in Dallas’ after the jump…

Morrissey, 'Live in Dallas'

Tracklist: Morrissey, “Live in Dallas”

1. “The Last Of The Famous International Playboys”
2. “Interesting Drug”
3. “Piccadilly Palare”
4. “Trash”
5. “Sing Your Life”
6. “King Leer”
7. “Asian Rut”
8. “Mute Witness”
9. “November Spawned A Monster”
10. “Will Never Marry”
11. “Angel, Angel Down We Go Together”
12. “There’s A Place In Hell For Me And My Friends”
13. “That’s Entertainment”
14. “Our Frank”
15. “Suedehead”
16. “Everyday Is Like Sunday”



  1. And he just keeps getting better. Happy Birthday, Mozz!

  2. I remember that show. That was a crazy ending to the concert. I was way in the back of the venue though.

  3. I was so mad I missed that show back in the day. Is this why Morrissey leaves during his encores now? LOL

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