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Video: Crowded House’s ‘Saturday Sun,’ first single off forthcoming ‘Intriguer’ album

With the release of its second post-reunion album, Intriguer, nearing and its world tour already underway, Crowded House has released an official video for the record’s opening track and first single, “Saturday Sun.” Directed by Simon and Dominic Taylor, the clip is filtered through a photo-negative-like effect, making for some trippy viewing. The album itself arrives June 14 in the U.K. and on July 13 in the U.S., with a bonus live DVD included on deluxe editions.

See tracklist for Crowded House’s ‘Intriguer’ after the jump…

Crowded House, 'Intriguer'

Tracklist: Crowded House, Intriguer

1. “Saturday Sun”
2. “Archer’s Arrows”
3. “Amsterdam”
4. “Either Side of the World”
5. “Falling Down”
6. “Isolation”
7. “Twice If You’re Lucky”
8. “Inside Out”
9. “Even If”
10. “Elephants”

1. “Either Side Of The World” (Upstairs at Home)
2. “Amsterdam” (Upstairs at Home)
3. “Saturday Sun” (Upstairs at Home)
4. “Twice If You’re Lucky” (Upstairs at Home)
5. “Elephants” (Upstairs at Home)
6. “Falling Dove” (Upstairs at Home)
7. “Isolation” (Upstairs at Home)
8. “Archer’s Arrows” (Upstairs at Home)
9. “Either Side of the World” (Live at the Auckland Town Hall)
10. “Isolation” (Live at the Auckland Town Hall)
11. “Saturday Sun”



  1. Meh. That photo-negative effect was really great… on a Soundgarden video in 1993. A rare misstep, Crowdos.

  2. Jack in Sydney

    Neil mand the Crowdies, back with avengence…
    \Great sound…bass pumping…keeping it real. The NZ Aussie fusion.
    well done.

  3. pitch correctors suck. too bad. might have been good.

  4. i meant vocoders. overused. no likey. good tune though.

  5. Tim Simmons

    Colour negative has been around a long time.Way before Soundgarden.Check out the Monkees Head movie or Frank Zappa”s 200 Motels.Keep up the good work Crowded House and come to Kansas City.MO again!Intriguer kicks ass!

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