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Soft Boys reissuing ‘Underwater Moonlight,’ ‘A Can of Bees’ on CD, audiophile vinyl

The Soft Boys, circa 1980

The first two albums by Robyn Hitchcock’s late-’70s/early-’80s neo-psychedelic band The Soft Boys — 1979’s A Can of Bees and 1980’s classic Underwater Moonlight — will be reissued in stripped-down CD and audiophile vinyl editions that come with new download-only bonus tracks.

Both reissues are due out Oct. 19 on CD and 180-gram vinyl, and each will feature just the original album on the physical release, plus promo codes to download the full albums plus the all of the bonus tracks digitally, Yep Roc Records announced today.

The Soft Boys’ 11-track debut, A Can of Bees, is long out of print, and has not been reissued on CD since 1992 (a “new” copy of that disc currently is priced at $209 in’s marketplace) — and never has been reissued on vinyl. The reissue will be accompanied by eight bonus tracks, and they’re entirely different from the extra material on the ’92 Rykodisc reissue (see full tracklists below).

As for Underwater Moonlight, the band’s sophomore album was reissued in a 2CD set in 2001. This new release includes the original 10-track album on CD and vinyl, plus 30 download-only bonus tracks, four of which were not on the 2001 reissue: “Wey Wey Hep Uh Hole,” “Empty Girl,” “Have a Heart Betty (Mark 2)” and “Rock ‘n’ Roll Toilet (Mark 2).”

See tracklists for the Soft Boys’ reissues after the jump…

The Soft Boys, 'A Can of Bees'

Tracklist: The Soft Boys, A Can of Bees

1. “Give It To The Soft Boys”
2. “The Pigworker”
3. “Human Music”
4. “Leppo and the Jooves”
5. “The Rat’s Prayer”
6. “Do The Chisel”
7. “Sandra’s Having Her Brain Out”
8. “Return of The Sacred Crab”
9. “Cold Turkey”
10. “School Dinner Blues”
11. “Wading Through a Ventilator” (Live)

1. “Let Me Put It Next To You”
2. “Blues In The Dark”
3. “When I Was a Kid”
4. “Love Poisoning”
5. “The Asking Tree”
6. “Muriel’s Hoof/Root of the Clones”
7. “Have a Heart Betty (Mark 1)”
8. “Rock ‘n’ Roll Toilet (Mark 1)”
9. “Heartbreak Hotel”

The Soft Boys, 'Underwater Moonlight'

Tracklist: The Soft Boys, Underwater Moonlight

1. “I Wanna Destroy You”
2. “Kingdom of Love”
3. “Positive Vibrations”
4. “I Got The Hots”
5. “Insanely Jealous of You”
6. “Tonight”
7. “You’ll Have To Go Sideways”
8. “Old Pervert”
9. “Queen of Eyes”
10. “Underwater Moonlight”

1. “He’s a Reptile”
2. “Vegetable Man”
3. “Strange”
4. “Only The Stones Remain”
5. “Where Are The Prawns”
6. “Wey Wey Hep Uh Hole”
7. “Dreams”
8. “Black Snake Diamond Rock”
9. “There’s Nobody Like You”
10. “Song #4”
11. “Empty Girl”
12. “Have a Heart Betty (Mark 2)”
13. “Rock ‘n’ Roll Toilet (Mark 2)”
14. “Old Pervert (Section 1)”
15. “Like a Real Smoothie”
16. “Alien”
17. “Bloat (Extract)”
18. “Underwater Moonlight (Early Version)”
19. “She Wears My Hair”
20. “Wang Dang Pig”
21. “Old Pervert (Section 2)”
22. “Insanely Jealous”
23. “Leave Me Alone”
24. “Goodbye Maurice or Steve”
25. “Old Pervert (Section 3)”
26. “Cherries”
27. “Amputated”
28. “Over You”
29. “I Wanna, Er”
30. “Old Pervert (Section 4)”


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