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Contest: Win copy of ‘Retro:Active 7 — Rare & Remixed,’ with Tears For Fears, OMD, a-ha

'Retro:Active 7 - Rare & Remixed'

What better way to start off a brand-new month than with a fresh giveaway: Thanks to the generous folks at Canada’s HushMusic, we’ve got free copies of their forthcoming Retro:Active 7 — Rare & Remixed compilation CD to give away to three lucky Slicing Up Eyeballs readers.

If you’re not up on the Retro:Active series, Hi-Bias Records has been releasing the compilation CDs since 2004, bringing together rare and classic 12-inch and extended dance remixes of New Wave and synthpop acts from the ’80s and early ’90s — many of which have not been commercially available on CD before.

The seventh installment due out Sept. 28, and available for pre-order here features 11 mixes of tracks by the likes of Tears For Fears (“Suffer the Children”), Echo & The Bunnymen (“Bedbugs and Ballyhoo”), OMD (“Dreaming”), a-ha (“Stay On These Roads”) and Peter Hook side project Revenge (“Pineapple Face”). See full tracklist below.

To enter, simply leave a comment at the bottom of this post — if you’re feeling ambitious, you can also offer suggestions of rare mixes you’d like to see on future Retro:Active comps. Be sure to use a real e-mail address, since that’s how winners will be notified. We’ll accept entries — from anywhere in the world — through noon Eastern time on Sept. 28.

UPDATE 9/28/10: Commenters StefBaz from Beirut, Angela and Chris Davanzo have been randomly selected as winners of the Retro:Active 7 — Rare & Remixed CDs. Thanks to all for entering, and stay tuned for more contests.

See full tracklist for ‘Retro:Active 7 — Rare & Remixed’ after the jump…

'Retro:Active 7 - Rare & Remixed'

Tracklist: Retro:Active 7 – Rare & Remixed

1. Dead Or Alive, “Brand New Lover” (Up Ducky Mix) *
2. OMD, “Dreaming” (The William Orbit Remix) *
3. Blue Zoo, “Cry Boy Cry” (12-inch version) *
4. a-ha, “Stay On These Roads” (Extended Remix)
5. Belouis Some, “Animal Magic” (Dance Vocal) *
6. The Danse Society, “Heaven is Waiting” (Dance Remix) *
7. Echo & The Bunnymen, “Bedbugs and Ballyhoo” (Club Remix) *
8. The Adventures, “Send My Heart (Across the Sea Mix) *
9. Revenge, “Pineapple Face” (Big Day Remix)
10. Wang Chung, “Let’s Go” (Shep’s Mix) *
11. Tears For Fears, “Suffer the Children” (Remix) *

* Never before comercially available on CD


  1. Please pick me!

  2. I’d love to win this. I had a couple of these years ago.

  3. These are great comps!

  4. I would love to see the Pet Shop Boys’s Domino Dancing (Base Mix), from the remix 12″. I never did round to buying that :(

  5. HUGE fan of the retro-active series!! if i don’t win, i will but it anyway – i love all these unearthed period-era remixes

  6. Great Series!! Highly recommend you get all the volumes!

  7. Chipmunks and Kangaroos!

  8. Wow- I hadn’t heard of a bunch of these tracks before, but I’ve got most of these comps, and they are truly great, so adding this to my collection would make me very happy.

  9. You can’t do wrong with Duran Duran remixes. Waitasec, Morrissey could use some more remix treatment!

  10. I love these comps!

  11. Please pick me!

    Even though the tracklist has been amended to omit Sinead OoConnor’s Mandinka (Exctended Version), which absolutely kills me, this collection is pretty rad.

    I own all the others, and look forward to the next batch, which will hopefully include 12″ versions of b-sides (The Cure, Prince and many others used to really trick-out their singles).

    But seriously, PICK ME! I’ll be yr best friend.

  12. Love the series, and looking forward to this latest installment.

  13. how about:
    “Why Is It So Hard?(12″US Remix Extended Version)” by Talk Talk

  14. I would love to win and think it would be awesome if they could remix a Comsat Angels or Durutti Column song!

  15. Thanks…

  16. Bedbugs and Ballyhoo is one of the great songs of all times. And my birthday is this month so this would be a great gift. :-)

  17. Any Depeche Mode remix, maybe the Pain remix of Strangelove.

  18. great comp.
    more erasure remixs would be great

  19. Keep up the great work!

  20. Good series, but this release is hit-and-miss. Do we need yet another remix of “Dreaming”?

  21. Awesome. I must pick these up!

  22. Some Siouxsie and the Banshees would be awesome. Thanks!

  23. thanks

  24. I want

  25. Bleddyn Williams

    Me me me please!

  26. OMG!! i NEED this!! awesome music!!

  27. A remix of Intaferon’s “Baby Pain” would be good.

  28. I would really like this, and I wonder why I don’t already own volumes 1-6. Guess I’m going to have to check them out!

  29. There must be a rare Shriekback mix or two that hasn’t made it to CD yet, true? Also, The Fixx have some mixes out there that are still trapped in Vinyl Land..


  30. come this way

  31. Here are a few I would love to hear: Armoury Show, Stan Ridgeway/Stewart Copeland, Romeo Void, Flying Lizards, Trio, Midnight Oil, Age of Chance, The Alarm…

  32. The Cure – “A Forest” – special long version
    or the 12inch of “Primary”

  33. How about ‘glad I’m not a kennedy’ or soviet snow by Shona Lang?

  34. Another brilliant compilation with some stand out tracks from Belouis Some, The Danse Society, The Adventures, and Blue Zoo. Hope this series continues to come out. Would love to see these tracks: Secession “Touch”, Secession “Sneakyville” or Two People “Rescue Me”

  35. Cool to see Danse Society popping up. And “Bedbugs and Ballyhoo” never gets old.

  36. StefBaz from Beirut

    Oh, please consider that living in the Lebanon is already soooo eighties!!! I would love to see old Cure remixes on this like the Lovecats 12″, Close to me from Qadpus or the Just one Kiss remix – Even better: the Primary 12″. Also Fad Gadget “Collapsing New People” would be great on this. I had those on vinyl but my whole collection was stolen on a dark night. Thank you for your consideration!!!

  37. More Gary Numan remixes would be gear.

  38. great tracks

  39. I second any remaining Cure 12″ mixes, and any more Echo and the Bunnymen

  40. Great cd! Nice to finally see the William Orbit mix of Dreaming on cd. I had the 10″ vinyl this was on but my ex ‘borrowed’ it and I never got it back :(
    The Lovecats 12″ Mix is on Volume 6 of this series :)

  41. looking forward to the compilation, all previous volumes have been nice + the tracklist for this one is great as well, yummy… Suffer The Children (remix).
    For further volumes (fingers crossed), I’d love to see the extended mix of ‘Dreamhouse’ by X Mal Deutschland and the dance mix of ‘Imagination’ by Xymox

  42. I want to win’

  43. How about a Beautiful Pea Green Boat remix or two?

  44. Please pick me, I’d love to win. I love their remix compilations.

  45. Sounds good…I’m checking it out!

  46. Have purchased every Retro:Active thus far. Greatly looking forward to the latest installment!

  47. the BEST compilation series!

  48. Certainly some nice tracks. Adventurous? Hmmm… how about some Red Lorry Yellow Lorry:Wide Awake 12″ or some Cabaret Voltaire: Sensoria?

  49. I NEVER win anything so please pick me! I love this series!

  50. Oh and I’d love to see the following extended versions on future volumes:
    Nine Ways to Win-Close to You
    Wide Boy Awake-Billy Hyena
    Huang Chung-China

  51. This looks nice; I hope I win!

  52. I love this series. Here are my suggestions:

    Howard Jones – Things Can Only Get Better (Extended Mix)

    It is a smart, accessible song that perfectly represents the new wave 80’s. This remix in particular is a great example of the old “extended mix” style of the time, with it’s altered intro and it funky extended instrumental break. Also, it is one of his only remixes that hasn’t been released on CD yet, which gives is always a good selling point.


    Celebrate the Nun – Will You be There (12″ Mix)

    This one is more underground like some of the other gems in the series. It is one of those tracks some of us will know and the rest will need to check the liner notes and wonder how they missed it. It falls on the cusp of the 90’s, but it’s appeal will always be it’s 80’s sound.

  53. Great comps. this one looks great too!

  54. Would love to see Talk Talk – Why Is It So Hard? remix, the one that is on It’s My Mix, in a future volume.

  55. Woohoo. Volume 7 finally being released. Great series. Here’s to many more.

  56. Looking forward to adding this to the collection as I have all the others! And would love to see the USA Dub Mix of ABC’s “The Look Of Love” on a future volume.

  57. Rob from Melbourne

    Fantastic! Love the site! Would love to see the remixes for Sad Lovers and Giants “Cow Boys” and Blue Nile’s “Stay” in future volumes to name a few.

  58. Yes please! How about some remixes of Vicious Pink?

  59. *More Simple Minds 12″ mixes
    *More Pet Shop Boys 12″ mixes
    *How about the 12″ mix of Underworld’s quirky 1989 single “Stand Up!”
    *Mixes from U2’s “War” and “Unforgettable Fire” era

  60. I would love to see these tracks/mixes that have been unavailable or extremely rare on cd so far:

    This Island Earth – See That Glow (Special U.S. Remix)

    Sheena Easton – Sugar Walls (12″)

    Person To Person – High Time (Night Time Mix)

    David Bowie – Dancing With The Big Boys (Extended Dance Mix)

    Prince And The Revolution – America (the 21:46 minute version)

    Prince And The Revolution – Girl (12″)

  61. Sounds good to me:)

  62. These series have been great and hope there is more. Definitely worth supporting and buying them. I would love to see the full 12″ mix of Accidently 4th St. Gloria by Figures on a Beach.

  63. I am still waiting for Shep Pettibone remixes of Pet Shop Boys on CD. Retro 7 would be nice time breaker.

  64. Jess the Mess

    I so want this album.
    I just stumbled upon your site from a friend of a friend’s post on Facebook. I wish I’d known you were here sooner! Thank you for doing whatcha do!

  65. I love the R&R series, I wish it would continue to #10. I’d love to have a copy, I could add it to the rest of the series I own.

  66. I’ve actually written them (to no avail apparently), but I’ll post my wishes again (one can always hope):

    The Cure “Let’s Go To Bed” 12″ version (come on this was a big hit, why is it still not on cd?)

    The Cure “Just One Kiss” (Extended version/b-side to LGTB….this really should’ve been a single itself)

    Marc Almond “Joey Demento” 12″ version

    Leisure Process ” A Way You’ll Never Be” 12″ version (everyone always includes the far inferior Cash Flow on their compilations, grrr)

    Ministry “Work For Love” Extended & Dub versions….Looks like Al’s too “ashamed” of his synthpop origins to re release his best work.

    Ministry “I Wanted To Tell Her” 12″ Remix & Dub

    SPK “Metal Dance” 12″ Version
    SPK “Junk Funk” The Special Crash Mix
    SPK “High Tension” Extended Version
    SPK “Flesh & Steel” Extended Remix

    Clock DVA “Breakdown” 12″ Remix

    Eurythmics “Sweat Dreams” Mexican 12″ “Especial” Remix
    Eurythmics “I Could Give You A Mirror” 12″ Remix
    Eurythmics “The Walk” Part II
    Eurythmics “This Is The House” 12″ Version
    Eurythmics “Sexcrime” 12″ Remix
    Eurythmics “Julia” 12″ Version
    Eurythmics “There Must Be An Angel” Dance Mix
    Eurythmics “Beethoven” Dance Mix or 12″ Extended Version

    Paul Simon “The Boy In The Bubble” 12″ Remix

    Julian Lennon “Take Me To Heaven” William Orbit 12″ Remix

    B52s “Song For A Future Generation 12” Remix

    Passion Puppets “Like Dust” 12″ version

    Flying Lizards “Summertime Blues” 12″ Version
    Flying Lizards “Sex Machine” 12″ Version

    Gary Numan “Music For Chameleons” 12″ version
    Gary Numan “White Boys & Heroes” US Promo 12″ Remix

  67. Woo Hoo! I didn’t even see that a Danse Society Remix was finally making it to CD (Besides that lousy one from their last album).

    I’d like to add:

    Danse Society “Danse/Move” Extended Club Mix
    Danse Society “2000 Light Years From Home” 12″ Version
    Danse Society “Angel” Self Indulgent Dub Mix

    Secession “Touch” 12″ Version

    The The “I’ve Been Waiting For Tomorrow” 12″ Version

    OMD “Talking Loud & Clear” 12″ Extended Version
    OMD “Julia’s Song” ’84 12″ Extended Version

    Visage “Visage” Dance Remix

    Barbie & The Kens “Just A Gigolo” Full 12″ Version

    Boys Don’t Cry “I Want To Be A Cowboy” 12″ Version

    Kraftwerk “Computerwelt” German 12″ Version
    Kraftwerk “Pocket Calculator” French 12″ Version
    Kraftwerk “Sex Object” Version En Espanol

    Grace Jones “Pull Up To The Bumper” Party Version
    Grace Jones “Walking In The Rain” 12″ Remix

  68. nice blog

  69. Sounds awesome – hope I win!

  70. Fab compilation again.

    Would love to see Debbie Harry French Kissin Dance mix and Talk Talk Living In Another World US mix

  71. I’d like to see Peter Gabriel’s “Biko” original 12″ mix.

  72. I’d love to see the Czar Mix of “King For A Day” by XTC.

  73. The Retro Active series is superb. Much of the material on these cds has never appeared on cd before. Without this series – these tracks would be memories. Re-mastering thenm + putting them out there deserves credit.

    Looking forward to more volumes.

  74. Crowded House – Don’t Dream It’s Over (Extended Version)
    The Fixx – Secret Separation (12″ Mix)
    Talk Talk – It’s My Life (US Mix)
    Talk Talk – Why Is It So Hard (12″ US Remix – Extended Version)

  75. Suffer the Children (Remix) is one of my favorite Tears For Fears songs.

  76. The Waterfoot Dandy- 14 Days
    The Waterfoot Dandy- Making Whoopee
    Christopher Moore – Tomorow (Mix 1)
    Christopher Moore – Tomorow (Mix 2)
    Christopher Moore – Stay By Me
    Christopher Moore – Love Me Tonight
    Christopher Moore – Tell Me
    Christopher Moore – I’m Taking Off
    Christopher Moore – I’m Taking Off (Dub Version)
    Christopher Moore – What A Night
    Christopher Moore – Over You
    Christopher Moore – Lady Love

  77. Wow, intense feedback !
    my 2 cents worth for a future Comp.
    would be and i know/they its/are not on cd is:

    -National Velvet “Flesh Under Skin”
    -Messenjah “Jam Session”
    -Strange Advance “Love Becomes Electric”

    Hmmm, what do u know – all Canadian.


  78. antmusic

  79. Novo – Extremix (12″ Version) (1983)

  80. Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark – Talking Loud And Clear (Extended Version)

    Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark – Julia’s Song (Extended Version)

    Nik Kershaw – Dancing Girls (12″ Version)

  81. I am leaving a comment.

  82. Great to see a new edition…keep ’em coming!!!

  83. This comp looks aweseome. How about a remix of the CURE’s song SINKING…..?

  84. I’d love to win this one :)

  85. Would love a copy of this. I have RA: 1-6 and all are cherished possessions. I love that #7 has “Suffer The Children” and “Send My Heart”

    “Electric Blue” (Extended Version) – Icehouse “Imagination” (12″ Version) – Xymox

  86. I’ve still got my (very crackly) 12″ single of Tears For Fears – Suffer The Children (Remix). I’ve tried everywhere (I can think of) to get a new copy so am pleased it is coming out on a CD. I’ve not heard of this Rare & Remixed series before and this would be a great way to start a collection – especially if I win a copy!

  87. It’s a great series – there are loads of great tunes deserving of a revisit.

  88. How about a few of these:

    Freur – Riders In The Night (FK club mix)
    Peter Murphy – Blind Sublime (dance mix)
    The Wolfgang Press – King of Soul (crowned mix)
    John Foxx – Endlessly (extended mix)
    Visage – The Damned Don’t Cry (dance mix)
    David Sylvian – Taking The Veil (Mendelsohn mix)
    Camouflage – That Smiling Face (Justin Strauss remix)

  89. Is it still retro if you never stopped listening to it? Ballywho, enter me in.

  90. I’m absolutely delighted that there’ll finally be a new installment in this really awesome Retro Active series from the Hi-Bias label. Never encountered a better comp of new wave and more pop oriented 12 inches. Keep on digging in the archives. Don’t forget the new romantics, the kane gang, curiosity killed the cat and nik kershaw.
    I’m a very proud owner of the previous six volumes. So I would be extremely happy if I would be picked to win a copy of the seventh retro active.

  91. I would like some House of Love or maybe Platnum Blonde

  92. Suffer the Children!!! Nice!!!

  93. Have all of the previous volumes. Am looking forward to number 7! (and 8, and 9, and 10……..).

  94. Yes, please. Got em all so far…keep the volumes coming

  95. Keep up the good work. Love these comps!

  96. Specimen “Indestructible” or “Brainburst”

  97. i love every track on this ,and the running order sounds great
    if i dont win it ill buy it

  98. pick me. and for the next cd, pick moev, crucify, or b movie, nowhere girl!

  99. Great series, let’s hope it continues well into the future!

  100. Any track from Secession would be great for a next installment of this series. I love them!!!! Hope to win a copy

  101. …because this would make an excellent early 29th birthday present; very obviously for a child of the 80’s who deserves it for being such a good girl as of late?


  102. The new Retro:Active 7 – Rare & Remixed comp sounds like a killer. ‘Brand New Lover’ by DOA still sounds like fun and is even more appropriate these days as my love life sucks atm. You’d think that I’d be good by now at finding all these hot lovers out there but instead I sleep alone and listen to music to stay alive. Dreaming is all I do.

  103. Chris Davanzo

    wow!! amazing! *want* *want* *want*

  104. nice – thanks!!

  105. Yay, need this whole set!

  106. I love the Retro Active collection!!
    I actually have all the cd’s.. the seventh one looks great too! There’s nothing compared to the 80’s collectible extended mixes!

  107. Thanks for the info on this series. I have never even heard of it. I am off to look the rest up.

  108. This is an incredible compilation! Congrats to the winners, whether or not I will be one of them. :-)

  109. I have Volumes 1, 2, 3 and 4. I need to catch up and buy 5 and 6. As for what I’d like to see on Volume 8, maybe Change Your Mind by Sharp and Neuman or Big In Japan by Alphaville.

  110. Looking forward to this next installment! Cool! :)

  111. Don’t think I’m familiar with any of these mixes. Pick me.
    Want that Echo remix.

  112. brandon ragan

    Would love to win. I had some of these on vinyl back in the day.

  113. A lot of the songs I’d recommend have already been. So I will reinforce the idea of the extended version of “Imagination” by Clan of Xymox please.

    Yeah, and you can just go ahead and send me one of those CDs whenever you get a free moment… ;)

  114. This looks great…I can’t wait to hear it!

  115. Ooooh I love remixes! I’d love to win and would tell ALL my friends where I won the CD! :-)

  116. I’ve been buying these compilations every time they come out and I will again… unless I win a free one.

    I must say that I really appreciate when a company puts out compilations that they have obviously spent time compiling. I mean, anyone can put out a collection of the usual suspects (ie. “Tainted Love”, “Send Me an Angel”, “Don’t You Want Me”, etc.) but it definitely take a company that cares to consistently put out great comps likes these with different songs (and different versions) that the true fans are really looking for.

    Keep up the great work.

  117. Was just looking at purchasing one of the other volumes in this series…would love this one!

  118. Great to see comps like this being released.

  119. Wow, some good remixes on this. Can’t wait to hear it!

  120. AndyTheCureFan

    I’d like to win this release.

  121. I’m diggin’ it.

  122. “Laura! Dance music for old people!?”
    Remember fighting with the country (and clueless) boys to play some goodness at ENMU in the mid-late eighties…

  123. chris brunetto

    I promise I will share!!!!!!!!

  124. This looks great. I have the 1-5 of this set of albums. Would go nice with my collection. good luck to everyone. :)

  125. Rich Herrera Brummer

    I need it thanks no available in Chile

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