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Men Without Hats playing Canadian festival, planning ‘DanceIfYouWantTour 2011’

Men Without Hats

Long-dormant Canadian New Wave act Men Without Hats — or at least frontman Ivan Doroschuk and some backing musicians — will return to the stage tonight at a British Columbia music festival as a “publicity stunt” to help promote next year’s planned “DanceIfYouWantTour 2011” — much to the apparent displeasure of Doroschuk’s brother and former bandmate.

Armed, no doubt with their once-ubiquitous  ’80s hits “The Safety Dance” and “Pop Goes the World,” Men Without Hats are set to play the Rifflandia Festival in Victoria, B.C., tonight, headlining a five-act bill at the tiny 150-seat Metro Studio Theatre.

On the band’s message board, a fan posted an e-mail from Doroschuk explaining “the concert is more of a publicity stunt than anything” and that “we’re doing it mainly to let people know we’re back and that we’re on tour, and we’ll be playing near you pretty soon, it’s called the ‘DanceIfYouWantTour 2011.'”

Yet Stefan Doroschuk — who formed the core of Men Without Hats with his brother, and was part of the 2003 reunion album No Hats Beyond This Point — isn’t thrilled about the news. Posting on the band’s forum himself, he initially was unaware of the show, warning fans, “If anything, Ivan will be playing solo without me, but even that would surprise me. … So if it happens and you want to see Ivan lead a cover band playing MWH songs, go for it.”

Earlier this week, Stefan popped up again, posting, “If you’ve always wanted to see Ivan perform, go to this show because me thinks it might be the only time he will play under my band’s name.” Someone representing the festival also posted on the board, confirming that the third Doroschuk brother, Colin, also will not be appearing tonight.


  1. Dale Sheppard

    The show last night was magical. Not a person was sitting in the audiance after the jam packed 10 song set had ended. The energy level was high from the moment the band started, and didn’t let up at all throughout the whole 10 song set. By the time Safety Dance emerged, the whole crowd was dancing and singing, showing that Ivan was, and still is, Men Without Hats, regardless of who is backing him. However, the new band that Ivan has put together is fantastic. They demonstated a great balance between sounding current, but holding true to the original early 80’s techno sound that made Men Without Hats an important Canadian band. We welcome them back with open arms.

  2. Dale, what songs did they play – besides the obvious Safety Dance and Pop Goes The World? I would LOVE the chance to see them next year if this tour really happens!

  3. Linnen, check the MWH Message Board over at menwithouthats.com. There is a thread there regarding last night’s show, including a setlist. I would link it here but I don’t know how!

  4. Dale Sheppard

    Linnen, the set list was: In the 21st Century, Antarctica, I Got the Message, Modern Dancing, Pop Goes the World,On Tuesday,SOS, Where Do the Boys Go, Safety Dance, Hey Men. The whole show was great.

  5. Dale Sheppard

    Linnen, Here is a clip from the show: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9HOdsbd-4E.

  6. Are you guys kidding. Throw away crap from 25 years ago. Deserves to be forgotten.

  7. Dale, that sounds fantastic!! I can’t believe they did “On Tuesday”…one of my favorite tunes from one of my favorite albums. I never understood how it underperformed here in america. Soooo many strong songs on it.

    Let me once again express how envious i am of you! Glad you had fun!!

    Squeal – thanks for the link. Sounds like Stephan isn’t too happy about Ivan doing this so I wonder if this tour in 2011 will really happen….

  8. Dale Sheppard

    Coachmaddog, You gotta start somewhere my friend.

  9. Fuck Stephan, the guy is a loser dork who has been ripping his brother off for years and was not even in the band when they recorded all the hits. He is the reason the band has not active for years.
    well now there back and thank god that useless shitty ass guitar player is not in the band. they killed it on Friday night and the world of Men Without Hats fans will be soooo happy. Viva Men Without Hats and FUCK you Stephan. all the MWH fans hate you anyway, it’s about Ivan and always has been. You’re just a jealous and useless piece of shit.
    one happy fan

    • Yeah whatever,**rolls eyes** but in spite of what you have to say about him they are still brothers and it’s not quite the same without Stefan in the group. I hope they work it out.

  10. Dale Sheppard

    Here is another clip from the Victoria show last Friday (Safety Dance): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zi_g0He_yZ4. The audio is muffled at times, but you can see that the audience is having a great time.

  11. Jean Guy,
    Do you happen to know Stefan ?
    After reading your post I am inclined to believe you have had a few run ins with him !
    I am very happy that Ivan decided to take it on his own and not let Stefan get in the way this time around!
    And after watching the videos I think he still has what it takes!

  12. Woody Bigtime

    Jean-Guy? As in Jean-Guy Kastner? Get your facts straight man. Stefan was in the band for all their hits and a big, big part of Pop Goes the World. And he kept the Hats top of mind for lots of fans long after Ivan gave up…on everything. Nice adolescent language there “Jean-Guy.”

  13. Bandofthehand

    Kastner is just pissed because Stefan cut pretty much ALL his guitar parts out of the Sideways album because Kastner can’t play worth shit.
    But good to see Ivan getting out and about, ’bout time!

  14. Jean- Couldn’t agree with you more.
    Ivan penned all the MWH’s singles and albums.
    Stefan was along for the ride- at least Colin was/is an amazing player.
    Hat’s fan’s have had to deal with Stef for the past 15 years- and the guy is a piece of work- read his posts- you be the judge.
    Better yet, Ivan is constantly updating the MWN’s facebook page with upcoming live dates and photo’s- and new demo’s.

    If I were Stefan, Id be angry and jealous too.
    And a sore loser.
    I think Ivan could teach him a little class.

    And no Stef- this isn’t Kastner or anyone of your zillion other haters – just a fan from Guelph, Ontario.. we shared some emails a few years back-

    PS You Suck so bad dude.


  15. Saw MWH in Canada back in 1988. Great show, great memories. If they come to the states, im taking my kids to see them. Glad they are back.

  16. i wanna go cynthia anthony my daddy

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