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Vintage Video: 40 minutes of footage from David Bowie and Nine Inch Nails’ 1995 tour

Back in August, we posted four high-quality video clips that had just surfaced from the 1995 co-headlining tour by David Bowie and Nine Inch Nails — and today we’ve learned that the filmmaker who put those fantastic clips together has uploaded a nearly 40-minute rough cut of additional footage.

The raw video — embedded above — was assembled by David Williams, who tells fan site The NIN Hotline that he was the “editor of record” on the Bowie/NIN shoot, which took place “when Virgin Records was going under and did not have the money to finish. The footage is lost forever. … This concert was probably never paid for to the production company due to the snafu with the label.”

Yet, as you can see above, Williams was able to put together a 39-minute roll of Bowie onstage with Trent Reznor and Co., performing songs such as Bowie’s “The Man Who Sold the World” and “Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps),” plus NIN’s “Reptile” and “Hurt,” among other tracks. The reel wraps up, sans NIN, with Bowie doing “Under Pressure.” Williams writes: “This footage is not the best quality since it was never finished and was in the old days before HD.” Maybe not, but it’s still a phenomenal artifact.

UPDATE 10/28/10: Looks like embedding may now be blocked on this video, but you can still watch the whole thing directly on Williams’ Vimeo page.


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  1. Mary Anne Tom

    It was an awesome show. We were lucky to see it, bec. the traffic going to this venue absolutely sucked and took hours (way more than it should have, but typical for that place, due to poor planning and development of local roads, etc. Yeah, Jiffy Lube (Nissan), I’m talkin’ bout you.) My friend finally got his press pass and then somehow got kicked out anyway for taking pix. I felt so bad for him, but wasn’t about to leave the show. Anyway, I’m sure this footage would have made him happy. RIP Donnon.

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