Video — November 27, 2010 at 11:26 am

Video: Watch highlights of Primal Scream playing ‘Screamadelica’ in London

Last night, Primal Scream performed the first of two London gigs dedicated to the band’s seminal 1991 house-rock hybrid Screamadelica, which will be commemorated in 2011 with a massive 20th anniversary box set and tours early next year of Australia and the group’s native U.K.

At Friday’s concert at the Olympia, the Primals opened with an eight-song hits set (featuring “Burning Wheel,” “Swastika Eyes” and “Rocks”) before plunging into Screamadelica, which they performed in full — not not quite in its original running order. Thanks go some great front-row video from YouTube user a1999f, we’ve got clips posted above of “Loaded,” and, below, you can check out “Movin’ On Up,” “Don’t Fight It, Feel It,” “Damaged” and a partial version of “Higher Than the Sun.”

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  1. Full show ready to download here:


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