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The Cars reveal cover art for ‘Move Like This,’ first new album in 24 years, due May 10

The Cars, 'Move Like This'

The surviving members of The Cars today revealed what appears to be the cover of Move Like This, the reunited band’s first new album since 1987’s Door to Door. The artwork, shown above, was posted to the band’s Facebook page this morning. According to Direct Current, the new album — featuring Ric Ocasek, guitarist Elliot Easton, long-retired drummer David Robinson and keyboardist Greg Hawkes, who also is filling in on bass for the late Benjamin Orr — is due out May 10 via Concord Music. A tracklist has not yet been released.



  1. Thank You Ric for doing this, I wish you guy’s the Best. I was fortunate to meet Ben Orr before his passing and I’ll bet he’s smiling up there. :)

  2. Can’t wait to hear this one. I just hope the album is better than the horrible sleeve. WTF?!?

  3. I kinda like the sleeve. It might work better if the colors were solid blue, red, white and green, rather than the flowers. But still, it looks very “Cars” to me. Can’t wait to hear the full album!

  4. Funny, I was expecting the cover to have a picture of a hot girl on the cover like 99% of the rest of their albums. But alas, I can’t complain. A new album by The Cars. Never thought that would happen. If any of you have never heard Ben Orr’s The Lace, you should.

  5. unfortunately it looks like it was designed 24 years ago.

  6. cant wait to hear it

  7. Thank you Ric Ocasek, maybe some of the new bands out there will hear this album and finally figure out how to write good rock songs, because god knows there haven’t been any since the last cars album!

  8. I like the cover a alot… very artisic and very Cars. Welcome back guys!

  9. Does this mean Ric is going to do all the vocals?

  10. I LOVE THE COVER ART, and can’t wait for the album. I will admit I am bit bias, the cover art was done by my best friend Christo Tsiaras.

  11. Ric cant get the numbers doing the solo thing, hence this “group” effort. I’m sighing in advance, preparing to see (and hear):”all lyrics and vocals by Ric O.”….
    Yawn !!!!!

  12. Hate the cheesy cover. I agree with “snaab” – it looks like it was done 24 years ago. The drummer, David Robinson, is a visual artist. Couldn’t they come up with something better? OK, done complaining, because I love The Cars and am keeping my fingers crossed that the new CD doesn’t suck. Please, don’t let it suck.

  13. Hmm, I would have thought something with, I dunno, a car on the front? Something in chrome.. I don’t know what flowers has to do with it at all.

    I mean, look at the cover of Heart’s Red Velvet Car. You need something like that.

  14. Cars albums are supposed to have a girl on the cover! “Panorama” was the only one that didn’t and had the worst sales if I’m not mistaken.

    I just saw a video for Blue Tip, extremely catchy. I think Ocasek became way to detached as time went on, b ut I’d ;love to see them recapture the energy of “Candy-O” again, even without Ben.

  15. Cant wait to hear the new album!!!! You guys rock!!!!Bens looking down of all of you!!!

  16. I was already excited by the news of a new Cars album and after hearing all the new clips even more so………Let’s Go!

  17. I like the cover, but so far not digging their new music of what I’ve heard. I was a big fan in the past. They are sounding more like they did in the 80’s and more toward the end of their ‘hey day’. Sounding more like their earlier stuff would be better. Guess they can’t do it without Benjamin. It’s not the same without him. His voice, playing, and overall presence. He’s the reason I ever got into them and dug them. I can’r get into this now.

  18. David Prescott

    I’m happy they’re back together. Yes, it won’t be the same without Ben. But I’m just glad they’re giving it another go. If they come up with a couple of good tunes, I’ll be satisfied. Ric and the boys have a knack of coming up with something a bit different each time, but still with the Cars feel. I heard the “Sad Song” preview on their Facebook page; then yesterday I heard the tail end of the song on the radio for the first time while driving my (rental) car. How fitting!

  19. loved them back in the 80’s
    saw the video for Sad Song – me likey very much
    can’t wait till the release of the CD

  20. Ric, great to see you guys back rockn.Love the two new tunes as far as the art work its just fine .I seem to listen a lot more than look aty a cover Good luck hope to see ya in mnpls. g kruzere

  21. I just purchased the new cd. I,m sure this Move Like This cd will be a great cd to listen to.And I have been to four great concerts of the Cars and I,m looking foreword to seeing these Rock Legengs play together as a band once again. God Bless the Band members and Ben Orr, I,m sure his presences will be felt by the remaining members of the band and also the fans. Repectfully, Dave Hanscom . See U in Minneapolis.

  22. googoodoll

    David Robinson could not have done this album cover!
    Elliot’s image is flipped…he’s a lefty…BUNK!

  23. The image of Elliot, as well as the others, is a silhouette and gives the impression that his guitar is facing the opposite direction. I’m sure whoever did do the art design was totally aware of what they were doing. The results are pretty cool.

  24. Some great stuff on ‘Move Like This’. Read my full review here:

  25. I saw a picture someone did of this cover WITH Orr added on the right-hand side. It was cool! Can’t find it online now, but it was neat to see. The band also had one of Ben’s basses set-up on stage as they played – a wonderful tribute.

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