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Video: INXS, ‘Don’t Change’ — featuring vocals by Kirk Pengilly, Andrew Farriss

Although it still hasn’t been released in the U.S. yet, INXS has issued an official video for its re-recording of “Don’t Change” to promote last year’s Original Sin album, which found the band overhauling its old songs with new singers filling in for the late Michael Hutchence. For this particular track, the Aussies kept it in the family, as bandmates Andrew Farriss and Kirk Pengilly handle the lead vocals on what’s a slowed-down, but fairly faithful rendition of the band’s 1982 single. Original Sin finally arrives in the U.S. on April 5, exclusively via



  1. Ok, please don’t get me wrong. I LOVE INXS…well, did. In the 80s, they were one of my top bands. Saw them live front row the whole nine yards. I was devastated when Michael Hutchens died (although I had drifted a bit as a fan by that point). The guys just need to know when to let go of the past and move on. I mean, write new songs. Let us have the past. Let us have the INXS we remember. Nothing lasts forever. Everything, everyone dies and goes away. We have the memories and the music. Don’t keep messing with that. They are perfect the way they are. If you don’t have the talent or ability to write new songs that people want to listen to, you might want to consider a new career. Just saying. Enough already with the re-hashing.

    • Gee… I agree with you 100%! I was saddened when Inxs messed with the original songs they recorded with Michael using various singers. The songs were perfect the way they were. The sad part was when I read the reviews of the younger crowd who had no interest in listening to Inxs with Michael Hutchence because they thought the new releases were crap. How could this band not understand they are messing with their history… and more importantly the legacy they worked so hard to create with Michael. I am very disappointed in the remaining members of Inxs -it sickens me!

  2. This looks like something out of a bad American Eagle commercial. You guys are destroying the legacy of Michael Hutchence and the great music you created with this crap. If you guys are continue to make music, fire that JD Fortune douchebage and stop calling yourself INXS.

  3. Amen, Craig. I was never as big a fan as you were, but their songs were part of my youth. From their awful reality show to this, INXS has really embarrassed themselves. Sure it’s their song, they can do what they want. But why rehash the past unless you have nothing else to offer and just want to make a quick buck? I actually like the approach to this song, but would rather just hear a new track with this sound. Just enjoy your royalties, guys!

  4. Wow, you should see the comments on their Facebook post of this song. Overwhelmingly negative. Didn’t hit me before, but it’s kind of ironic that the song is “Don’t Change”. The sentiment of the song has been totally raped by this version.

  5. The song is beautiful though. If it had been a cover by someone else, I think I could have handled it…but I still can’t get on board.

  6. I was a big INXS fan back in the day – like others have said here, drifted away and was shocked by MH’s death. This take on the song is a heartfelt tribute to their lost mate. I feel the years rushing back, but it’s with poignancy – a reflection on lost youth and things that can never be the same. Well done.

  7. I like that song & video, because when you listen to it, you feel somehow that Michael is somewhere around… and there’s no interference in the timeline… I was missing that feeling when I watched JD trying to pretend a rock star…

  8. wuulfgaar

    The original “was” my absolute favorite INXS song, by far. Beautiful lyrics, mournful and poignant music, great musicianship on the original.

    However…….That “new version” was painfully bad in every way. An absolute travesty. Ridiculous video, pathetic B&W of “the band”. As stated above, the boys just continue to embarrass themselves by rehashing the old material in “new’ format. INXS was great BECAUSE of the connection between Andrew Farriss and Michael Hutchence.

    I’m truly sorry Michael had his issues and things ended badly. It’s been almost 14 years. I realize that Andrew gets most of the royalties, he wrote almost all the hits. Still, guys, surely you’ve got enough money to just let it go?

    Midnight Oil let it go.
    U2 would let it go.
    Just let it go.

    We are grown up now. Time to stop living on Michael’s legacy and enjoy your lives instead of trying to live in the past. The word “past” exists for a reason.

    I loved your work in the 80’s. Went to every show I could. Bought all the albums (yes, vinyl) and even had a few posters. Your music exemplified (notice the “past” tense there) all that was great in music at that time.

    But, as CD has replaced vinyl, INXS has been replaced by the sad attempt of former rock stars to keep hanging on when they have zero new to contribute. The television show? God, how could any of you look yourself in the mirror with that one. This “rehash”? I never thought INXS could disappoint me. Sadly, they continue to do so.

  9. Please for the sake of all things respectful and dignified and with all the talent that each original band member has GET A NEW LEAD SINGER. I agree with every comment posted here.
    The guys say oh we want to move on and then STILL are touring these same songs(classics that no one can do justice to since Michael owns them)with that same contest winner from the TV show since when 2005? He is UNORIGINAL!!He is a joke an impersonator, poser and wannabe Michael Hutchence. Agree with you Ugh fire that douchebag JD Fortune. Enough of him already>

  10. JD Fortune is has an amazing amount of talent. If you think he is just copying Michael I ask have you ever listened to him live, have you listened to his version of The Stairs. Because Switch was Rushed he was only able to co-write 3 of the songs but they were great and his singing on the rest of the album was amazing. Like with Jon Stevens, JD should have been allowed to sing more new material that was not first sung by Michael. Reading these comments I feel like INXS set up JD for failure by having him tour on only Original Sin and then dumping him for a new singer. Had JD been allowed to write a new album with Andrew and tour on that perhaps then people would have seen they were moving on and that JD brought his own talents to the table. Its wrong to blame JD. He has written a ton of new stuff and according to interviews they were writing new stuff. He didn’t want INXS to do the Original Sin album, though its an interesting album, just not one that they could tour on, and not one that allowed JD’s talents to be fully revealed to those that did not attend concerts.
    Try this: OS version of Love IS sung by JD
    And the original Version by Michael –
    yes no one can replace michael but he’s the new version also has merit and i assume Michael’s family still gets royalties as I understand it somehow his estate was not rolling in cash.
    But yes it would have been better if JD could have done more of his own songs – like this one off switch which he wrote with Jon Farriss. .
    Or watch JD discuss his recording of the Stairs for the OS album : he’s got a good perspective, he’s sane, considerate and thoughtful.
    JD OS Stairs:
    Michael’s song, he’s irreplaceable, but his song can live on in different forms:

    Yes Michael has a vocal style that can’t be duplicated and its a no win to try to sing songs he sang before. But JD did as good a job as any of the other singers on OS. His live performances were great and with Switch they had an opportunity to move on with him. Sad they didn’t.

  11. The lead singer of INXS was Michael Hutchence. No one could sing INXS songs better than Michael. Rockstar INXS was such a joke. Kirk Pengilly has a good voice. He should have taken over as lead singer. But then that brings us to an all important question-who would INXS have as saxophonist?

  12. Inxs died with michael; I’m sorry but it’s true. I liked the members until he died, but the way they conducted themselves after?!and reading how michael’s max Q album was sabotaged, and how he was ignored when even talking about grunge? watch the rehearsal the day before he died. him trying to talk about billy corgan and the cold way they didn’t even respondd. no wonder he felt despair.

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