Milestones, Video — March 29, 2011 at 6:51 am

Milestones: Perry Farrell is 52 today; watch Jane’s Addiction live at UCSB in 1989

Peretz Bernstein, aka Perry Farrell, turns 52 today, and to celebrate, how about some heavily bootlegged video from a Jane’s Addiction performance at the University of California at Santa Barbara in the spring of 1989? Above, you can see an 11-minute clip that finds the band running through “1%,” “Whores” and “Up the Beach,” and below, check out “Ted, Just Admit It” and “Trip Away.”

See more live Jane’s Addiction after the jump…


  1. Not to sound cool, but I was at this concert. J.A. was booked to play a free show(I think it was called Spring Fest) When it was announced, most people said, “WHO?” By the time the show came, everyone knew who they were and they were taking off.

  2. Paul,
    Yeah, the event was called “extravaganza” an annual free show put on at ucsb. The following year featured Everlast when he was still a Rhyme Syndicate rapper. Perry got nailed by a birkenstock at this show and went on a rant if I remember correctly.

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