Digital Music — May 20, 2011 at 11:43 am

Free MP3: Depeche Mode, ‘Master and Servant’ (RSS Mix) — brand-new remix

Depeche Mode, 'Remixes 2: 81-11'

As the build-up continues toward Depeche Mode’s release of Remixes 2: 81-11 next month, FACT Magazine today premiered the brand new “Master and Servant” (RSS Mix) — a remix that, unless the tracklist has changed, does not actually appear on either the single-disc or 3CD versions of the new album. You can stream or download that mix below; DM’s second remix collection is due out June 7 and features contributions from former members Vince Clarke and Alan Wilder.

Stream or download Depeche Mode’s ‘Master and Servant’ (RSS Mix) after the jump…

Depeche Mode, ‘Master and Servant’ (RSS Remix) by factmag


Ride "Nowhere: 20th Anniversary Edition"


  1. seriously, how much do you think they spent on this? because i know some guys that would have done this for a case of beer. i mean, what did they do? there is nothing there. wow, what a let down. thanks for posting though. don’t mean to gripe, I guess I’m just a bit disappointed in what I am hearing so far. Seems lazy and uncreative.


    Hulk agree with rta on this mix. Not very creative at all. Very dull. (But I will say the Puppets remix was really good imo. Hope there are more on that level!)
    Hulk like that Slicing post these too!!!

  3. This sounds like crap. what a waste of Depeche Mode.

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