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Contest: Win a copy of Primal Scream’s ‘Screamadelica Live’ CD/DVD

Primal Scream, 'Screamadelica Live!'

To celebrate the release today of Primal Scream’s CD/DVD set “Screamadelica Live” — filmed/recorded last fall during a performance of the band’s landmark 1991 album Screamadelica in London — the folks at Universal Music have given us three copies to award to lucky Slicing Up Eyeballs readers.

The NTSC Region 1 DVD features a full performance of Screamadelica (although not in the same running order as the album), plus an eight-song “rock set” featuring songs such as “Swastika Eyes,” “Rocks” and “Accelerator.” The set also features a CD of the Screamadelica portion of the concert (see setlist and video clips here).

To enter, simply drop a comment below — it can be any comment, but if you want, humor us by naming your favorite Primal Scream song or album and explaining why you think it’s so great. We’ll take entries until noon EST Friday, June 10. After that point, we’ll select three winners at random and contact them via e-mail — so please remember to use a legit address when you enter. One entry per person; contest open to readers anywhere in the world, although the DVD may not be viewable on players outside North America.

UPDATE 6/11/11: The contest is now closed. Thank you all for taking the time to enter. The randomly selected winners are: Chris, Jim McCabe and Stephen Duke Lord Esq.

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  1. Lauri Crowe

    Miss Lucifer – it’s fun to dance to and the video visuals are great eye candy.

  2. this was an album that took a while to grow on me… seen them play it live in 92/93 (I think)… not sure who was more messed up, me or them

    kowalski is their killer song for me… no reason except it needs to be loud

  3. Woohoo! Lucky first comment! Or is there others “awaiting approval”?

    Cheers, Frank

  4. Favorite song: Accelerator (anything else Kevin Shields touched being a close second, third, fourth…).

    Favorite album: Vanishing Point.

  5. Johnny Canuck

    So hard to pick a favorite track or album, because they are all ace as I see it.

    Current favorite track: Kill All Hippies, with Shine Like Stars, Detroit, and Some Velvet Morning close behind.

  6. Screamadelica and Vanishing Point (and its accompanying dub version) were the best PS albums. Both really caught moments in time – the rave scene and the darker electronic scene of the late 90s.

    My fave video is actually “Country Girl” from their last album, both the official and the bonkers live version from Scotland at T On The Green. Crowd went nuts. It sounded like a Big Country song!

  7. Kowalski / Kill All Hippies

  8. Higher Than The Sun has gotta be tops. My personal anecdote is that I met Bobby record shopping at Reckless in Chicago. He seemed shorter face to face than onstage.

  9. "Come Together" baby!!

    Because it’s the best!

  10. my favs: “Higher than the sun” followed by “Come Together”.

  11. paul turner

    unbelievable tune thats even better live.
    An awesome experience!

  12. Primal Scream has been making great music for a long long time now. Love this band!!! Can’t wait to watch the DVD concert!

  13. The entirety of Screamadelica is their best work. Yes, they have released some very good bits since then (I have a guilty pleasure for XTRMNTR), but The blend of tuneage from ‘Movin On Up” through “Higher Than The Sun” all the way down to “Shine Like Stars” moves just right.

  14. Mike Vincent

    As an album, XTRMTR, stands up and holds up the best. It is crackling with the energy of Kevin Sheilds. From start to finish I can’t get enough.

    As for a song, it has to be the US version of Come Together. A friend and myself always bemoaned how the song would always kill a mix tape by being either too great or have too much of a coded meaning. Well I played the song in the perfect venue and it totally worked: walking up the aisle after getting married!

  15. Screamadelica. Best Album Start to Finish!

  16. I should win because I am not overly familiar with Primal Scream, but have been wanting to get into them for a while now….And because I supported “Slicing Up Eyeballs” by purchasing $2 worth of stickers!!

  17. Echo Dek probably got the most spins, followed by Higher than the Sun single.

  18. Come Together – for reasons as sexual as the music & the title sound ;)

  19. Allen miller

    Loaded, It’s the kind of song that no matter what kind of sound someone is into, that beat will have everyone grooving

  20. Screamadelica is my favorite album. I can listen to it front to back and that is so rare. I’m sort of embarrassed to say that ‘Some Velvet Morning’ is my favorite because it’s a cover and I should appreciate Primal Scream’s original works but there it is. That’s how I am. ‘Higher Than the Sun’ was the first PS song that I ever heard so I will always have a ~special connection~ to that song so maybe that is my co-favorite.

  21. Tim Agnew

    Loaded is it. I should win for “most embarrassing reason I like a Primal Scream song”. I first hear Loaded in a TV commercial for The GAP in 1990. I loved it so much that I tracked it down and bought the album. The rest is history.

  22. Get your Rocks off!

  23. Bratteklev

    So didn’t connect with them until Xtrmntr so still probably find Swastika Eyes to be my favorite. Would love to check out the old and new mixed together on from this show.

  24. Carry Me Home from the Dixie-Narco EP

  25. “sad and blue”

  26. It Rocks!

  27. Every time I hear that Peter Fonda sample at the beginning of “Loaded”, I get chills. Everything on “Screamadelica” is tops, but I love “Movin’ On Up” and “Loaded” because they remind me of youthful days spent at the Danceteria at First Avenue…


  29. Some Velvet Morning – becasue Phaedra is her name

  30. Get Your Rocks Off because it rocks!

  31. Vanishing Point because it has a great beat.

  32. Jim McCabe

    Fave album is Riot City Blues. Fave tune is Swastika Eyes!

  33. Thanks and good luck to everybody!
    Fave album Riot City Blues because a banjo never rock like this before.

  34. Screamadelica was one of those albums that I bought on a lark, and then nearly changed my life. The first single I heard, “Movin’ on Up,” didn’t do to much for me, but once I heard “Loaded” I was sold.

  35. Screamadelica is definitely one of my desert island picks. Can’t believe it’s been 20 years!

  36. John Anderson

    favorite primals album? i’m going to give it to evil heat… underrated, deep hit of morning sun is one of the coolest songs they’ve ever done.

  37. Me am WANT. My favorite album? Does the Loaded/Come Together cassingle (yeah that’s right) count? If so that’s the one!

  38. Michael Felix

    Higher than the Sun

  39. I’m seeing them for the 1st time ever this year at the Bestival – really interested to see how this sounds live. Spent much of my college years listening to echo’s from fellow-students dorm rooms and only recently got to appreciate the enjoyment and significance of their work. Great going to PS for releasing this live album and giving us a real treat to enjoy. :)

  40. Neu! Beu!

    Screamadelica has always been something Biblical.

  41. I can’t pick just one!
    I love all the songs of Screamadelica.

  42. Jeff Sturges

    Vanishing Point is a great album.

  43. Higher than the sun!

  44. Like many others here, “Higher Than the Sun” is my personal fave off “Sceamadelica”: great driving song on a sunny afternoon….

  45. I’ve always loved “shoot speed kill light”

  46. The best Primal Scream song has to be Higher Than the Sun. Their best cover, Some Velvet Morning. Had to sneak 2 in there.

  47. “Higher Than the Sun” Thats the top track. ‘Cause seriously, it is all about the drugs!

  48. Vanishing Point does it for me.

  49. Keep Your Dreams, Space Blues #2, Higher than the Sun, and Darklands

  50. It’s impossible for me to choose one favorite song. This album is best taken as a whole. I was lucky enough to see them several times on the tour for this album and those shows remain some of my most memorable. Fond memories!

  51. Rocks, because it does!

  52. “Rocks” — You can’t beat that chorus. Plus I ended up using it to name my radio show (“Get Your Rocks Off”)

  53. I would give anything to hear this live.

    The album Screamadelica was the stand out soundrtack to my drive/vacation/camping across France the summer it came out.

    That album changed my world view on music in general.

    Theres nothing like listening to “Shine Like Stars” drunk on Champagne, gazing out over the beaches of Normandy….I still sometimes wish I was still there….

  54. SlaveeJay

    Don’t Fight It, Feel It folks is a unique and timeless party-track. Why do I love Primalscream??? Because it is the best party-sound supplier all the time. And they’ve pretty cool sense of humor IMO. I mean Keith Moon’s story with the tablets…Psychick. And I know you will not pick me to win a DVD.

  55. Shoot Speed/Kill Light and A Scanner Darkly because I know all the words to both. Evil Heat is probably my favorite album but it encourages and seduces me into driving over the speed limit, so I try to listen to it outside of my car.

  56. shoot speed kill liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!!!

  57. Great album! Higher Than the Sun. Come Together.

  58. Stephen Duke lord Esq

    Screamadelica was the soundtrack to my Acid House years. Still makes the hairs on the back of my neck bristle.

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  60. favourite song is “I’m losing more than I’ll ever have”, so beautiful… still waiting for the day to see it morph into a full-blown version of loaded

  61. Jonathan Gonzo

    Kowalski. Because it f***ing rocks.

  62. Blake Woodhall

    I listened to Screamadelica every day during my junior year in college! Higher Than The Sun changed my life!

  63. Higher than the Sun, of course. I recall being in college and purchasing the cassette and being blown away by it the first time via Sony Walkman. Due to reasons I can’t recall I missed them live in 91. Being a Screamadelica purist at the time (admittedly) only went to the XTRMNTR show to see Kevin Shields. Recently revisited that record and realized how effing awesome it is. Yeah.

  64. Fave album: “Screamadelica.” Tough to choose one fave song, though. Saw the Scream at Fuji Rock Fest in ’98, the lone year it’s been held in Tokyo. Closed a killer set with the one-two-three punch of “Kowalski,” “Loaded,” and “Movin’ On Up,” and the crowd and band achieved liftoff. Waves of frenzied concertgoers everywhere, as the sun set behind the Tokyo skyline. Truly unforgettable!!!

  65. Caught ’em at 9:30 Club a few years back. The set just kept getting better and better and by the end I was dancing. I don’t dance.

  66. I am looking so much forward to hear ‘Screamadelica’ live from beginning to the end this summer in Copenhagen.
    It would be wonderful to have this album/ dvd to remeber it by after that night :-)

  67. Scott Mittleman

    I’m Losing More Than I’ll Ever Have because it is one of the greatest songs ever written about heartbreak and rejection. My heart hurts every time I hear it.

  68. Best album is their live album, Live In Japan. Kevin Shields joins them on guitar and supervised the mix. It’s the best live album I’ve ever heard.

  69. Contest is closed and winners have been notified. Thank you all for entering. And the correct answer was “Vanishing Point.”

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