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Nirvana’s ‘Nevermind’ to receive 4CD/1DVD 20th anniversary reissue this fall

Nirvana, 'Nevermind' 20th anniversary

This fall, Nirvana’s landmark Nevermind — the album that closed the door on the college-rock era and shot so-called alternative music straight into the mainstream — will receive a mammoth 4CD/1DVD 20th anniversary reissue featuring unreleased tracks, BBC recordings, B-sides and a full concert on DVD.

In a post announcing the release on, catalog imprint Universal Music Enterprises pledges that the 20th anniversary of the 30-million selling Nevermind — propelled by the explosive success of the game-changing single “Smells Like Teen Spirit” — “will be marked throughout the year with various events and releases.”

Due out Sept. 19 in the U.K. and Sept. 20 in the U.S. — just days before the actual anniversary of the Sept. 24, 1991, release — the Nevermind: Super Deluxe Edition “will include previously unreleased recordings, rarities, B-sides, BBC radio appearances, alternative mixes, rare live recordings and an unreleased concert in its entirety on DVD.”

Universal did not offer further details or a tracklist for the massive set.


Ride "Nowhere: 20th Anniversary Edition"


  1. Strangely,I’m not as enthused as I’d hoped.

  2. Johnny Eyeballs

    Since the band and Courtney Love admitted that the only unreleased song was You Know You’re Right, Universal’s “Unreleased Recordings” probably means unreleased live or studio recordings. But there won’t be any new music on it. There are several demos, outtakes and alt versions of bleach though which is still my favorite album.

  3. Oh, gee, just what I wanted, the incoherent
    ramblings of one of rock music’s most overrated,
    under-talented and overdone junkies, but now

  4. curmudgeon

    Fred Durst? That’s what I thought.

  5. It’s still good to hear about this though. Keeping Nirvana’s spirit alive.

  6. There are several websites selling a 96kHz/24-bit file download of this project. This album was one of the first to be done on Alesis’ ADAT recording system and was only capable of 48kHz @ 16-bit. DO NOT get into the hype that it’s going to sound better at 96k. It’s just not possible!!

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