Video — August 9, 2011 at 6:46 am

Video: The Decemberists cover Sugar’s ‘If I Can’t Change Your Mind’ for The A.V. Club

Last week, Bob Mould dropped by The A.V. Club’s Chicago HQ and covered one of his own songs — the Sugar favorite “If I Can’t Change Your Mind” — for the website’s Undercover series, in which bands pick songs off a predetermined list and perform them live in a very small room. But before the A.V. Club could cross the Sugar song off their list, Colin Meloy picked it, too, for The Decemberists to cover. So, posted above, you’ll see that band’s rendition, with a fuller sound than Mould’s own solo take.






  1. Better than Bob’s version!

  2. Maybe. But Bob didn’t use auto-tune.

  3. “But Bob didn’t use auto-tune.”

    I’m sure it was mixed–as was Mould’s–but I don’t hear auto-tune. Then again, these days, I can’t hear much. This was sharp, reverent, but I still prefer Mould’s.

  4. Autotune is all over this track, and also The Decemberists’ albums. Very obvious at 4:18. But I wasn’t depreciating the cover though, it’s actually pretty amazing.

  5. there’s no auto tune on this track. you’re daft.

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