Reunions, Video — November 2, 2011 at 9:57 am

Video: Ministry’s ‘The Making of Relapse’ — in the studio with Al Jourgensen and Co.

Al Jourgensen not only has reactivated Ministry for a new album and tour next summer, but he’s decided to chronicle the recording of the Relapse record with a series of short “webisodes,” the first of which can be watched above. As you can see, it mostly features Uncle Al and his bandmates sitting around a table shooting the shit and/or listening to playback of some very industrial-metal sounding tracks in the studio.

In August, Jourgensen announced he was reuniting Ministry to record a new album, expected next spring, and go on a limited tour, due to his recovery from severe health issues. Ministry now features Mike Scaccia, Tommy VictorTony Campos, Aaron Rossi and John Bechdel.

The U.S. leg of the Relapse Tour 2012 features five concerts in just four cities — Denver, Los Angeles, New York and Chicago (see dates here) — with no plans to add additional American destinations to the trek before taking the industrial juggernaut to Europe.






  1. Generic comment indicating how much I like With Sympathy.

    Also, great news on seeing the band back together!

  2. Everyday is Halloween fat asses.

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