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‘Tribute to Repo Man’: Black Francis, Mike Watt, Matthew Sweet contribute to new CD

This fall, American Laundromat Records will celebrate the soundtrack to the 1984 cult classic “Repo Man” with a track-by-track tribute, featuring the likes of Black Francis, Mike Watt, Matthew Sweet and Amanda Palmer and more covering songs originally recorded by Iggy Pop, Black Flag, Circle Jerks and Suicidal Tendencies.

The album is due out Sept. 18, also also features The Plugz, Polar Bear Club and New York Rivals. The label is offering a special pre-order bundle featuring a six-panel CD wallet featuring original artwork by rock poster designer Lonny Unitus, a bonus promo pin, an album preview prior to release date and, while supplies last, an “official Little Trees’ royal pine tree-shaped air freshener which were featured in the film — ‘you find one in every car… you’ll see.'”

Check out the full tracklist below.


Tracklist: Various Artists, A Tribute to Repo Man

1. “Repo Man” – Those Darlins (Originally by Iggy Pop)
2. “TV Party” – Polar Bear Club (Originally by Black Flag)
3. “Institutionalized” – Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra (Originally by Suicidal Tendencies)
4. “Coup d’Etat” – New York Rivals (Originally by Circle Jerks)
5. “El Clavo Y La Cruz” – Black Francis (Originally by The Plugz)
6. “Pablo Picasso” – The Tellers (Originally by Burning Sensations)
7. “Let’s Have A War” – Mike Watt (Originally by Fear)
8. “When The Shit Hits The Fan” – TBA (Originally by Circle Jerks)
9. “Hombre Secreto” – Matthew Sweet (Originally by The Plugz)
10. “Bad Man” – TBA (Originally by Juicy Bananas)
11. “Reel Ten” – Weekend (Originally by The Plugz)




  1. It’s a shame that such a great Iggy Pop song is being performed by such an untalented band. The rest of the tribute looks promising.

  2. Batshiz Crazay

    One of the best indie movies of all time. I’ve got the original soundtrack on cd and cassette. :)

  3. Totally unnecessary

  4. TYPO? “6. “Pablo Picasso” – The Tellers (Originally by Burning Sensations)” That’s actually originally by Jonathan Richman.

  5. You mean the Burning Sensations version was on the original Repo Man soundtrack. =)

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