Album News, DVD, Video — April 4, 2012 at 8:07 am

Video: Trailer for Duran Duran’s ‘A Diamond in the Mind’ — live DVD, CD due this summer

With the their comeback extending into a second summer of touring, the revived Duran Duran has announced plans to release a new live DVD and CD called “A Diamond in the Mind,” recorded last December at a tour stop in Manchester, England. No other details of the project, expected to be released sometime this summer, have been released, but you can check this a short tease of a trailer via the player embedded above.






  1. Well, that was worthless. Simon Le Bon and his gang of poseurs now owe me the 90 seconds of my life I just wasted.

  2. i don’t think they got the memo that they weren’t 17 years old anymore.


  3. continuez de poser encore et encore… j’adore…merci Duran Duran…reconnaissance infinie…

  4. Diana da Cruz ( duranice )

    I´m very excited to buy it as soon as I can because this register in DVD show us how important this band has been for the music scene through these amazing 30 years: energy, charming, elegance, talent and professionalism how many other adjectives I could try to describe this band that in my opinion is the best from Planet Earth !!!

  5. ahh ;) so you comment on a band you already dont like? you must be respected music critics. go listen to nickeback, i’ll take “all you need is now,” and the tour performances as well.

  6. Lady Sakai

    Sorry but you should really check your facts. Duran Duran isnt making a come back….they never went anywhere!

  7. Sam Owen: Agree that this was not a teaser – just a waste of time.
    Rob: Their new album (whole album, not just the original iTunes 9) is in their top 3 of all time. Really suprising.

  8. Great live band, i’ve seen them three times but that teaser was just awful.

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