Video: Trailer for Duran Duran’s ‘A Diamond in the Mind’ — live DVD, CD due this summer

With the their comeback extending into a second summer of touring, the revived Duran Duran has announced plans to release a new live DVD and CD called “A Diamond in the Mind,” recorded last December at a tour stop in Manchester, England. No other details of the project, expected to be released sometime this summer, have been released, but you can check this a short tease of a trailer via the player embedded above.






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  • Sam Owen

    Well, that was worthless. Simon Le Bon and his gang of poseurs now owe me the 90 seconds of my life I just wasted.

  • i don’t think they got the memo that they weren’t 17 years old anymore.


  • arnaud

    continuez de poser encore et encore… j’adore…merci Duran Duran…reconnaissance infinie…

  • Diana da Cruz ( duranice )

    I´m very excited to buy it as soon as I can because this register in DVD show us how important this band has been for the music scene through these amazing 30 years: energy, charming, elegance, talent and professionalism how many other adjectives I could try to describe this band that in my opinion is the best from Planet Earth !!!

  • fictional

    ahh ;) so you comment on a band you already dont like? you must be respected music critics. go listen to nickeback, i’ll take “all you need is now,” and the tour performances as well.

  • Lady Sakai

    Sorry but you should really check your facts. Duran Duran isnt making a come back….they never went anywhere!

  • Mike C.

    Sam Owen: Agree that this was not a teaser – just a waste of time.
    Rob: Their new album (whole album, not just the original iTunes 9) is in their top 3 of all time. Really suprising.

  • Great live band, i’ve seen them three times but that teaser was just awful.



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